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January 29, 2021: A Conversation with Tinni

The following conversation took place during our daily trail ride, one in which I ponied Tinni while riding Raudi.

Alys: Tinni, isn’t this lovely?
Tinni: Is what lovely?
A: The scenery. Look over at the Talkeetnas, the dark blue sky against the white jagged peaks.
T: Hmmmph.
A: And what does that mean?
T: You are higher so you have a better view.
A: But you can see the peaks and sky just fine.
T: You forget, your vision is such that you can see more color.
A: But the color you see, isn’t it quite beautiful?
T: Well, I see and appreciate more than on cloudy days.
A: But those days have their own beauty, wouldn’t you say?
T: Yes, they do.
A: What’s the matter? You seem a little slow today. You’ve also stopped a few times and Raudi and I have to go back to you to get the lead rope.
T: I’ve been meaning to talk to you about this.
A: About what?
T: All this exercise.
A: It’s not that much. We go for a half-hour walk in the mornings, you, me, and Shadow, then I pony you off Raudi for a one- and one-half hours in the afternoons.

The Talkeetnas seen from the arena

T: I’m willing to forego the morning outings. Either that or you could shorten the afternoon ride.
A: Is this much exercise hard for you?
T: Not really. I just think this much exercise is a bit of overkill.
A: But look at how strong and healthy you are. This morning you were prancing when we were out on our walk.
T: I say, to each their own; I just don’t need as much exercise as you think.
A: Well, you live in a small pen and otherwise don’t get much exercise.
T: Get me a larger pen. Or how about a huge pasture, one where I can move when I want to move.
A: Tinni, getting you and the mares more space, in the form of a pasture, is my life’s dream. I think about this all the time.
T: What’s holding you up?
A: Something called money.
T: Why don’t you go out and get a real job?
A: Because I would rather spend my time with you horses.
T: Get the job, get the money, get the pasture, then you won’t have to ride us as much.
A: This is easier said than done. I’m hoping that the book project opens momentary doors.
T: Tyra says you ought to write a best seller.
A: About what?
T: Whatever best sellers are about.
A: Okay. A romance novel, set in Iceland. A woman leaves home to go work on a farm and falls in love with a farmhand. But he is in love with another farmhand.
T: Are both the farmhands guys?
A: Yes.
T: Oh oh. Could be a problem. They don’t look favorably upon such things in Iceland.
A: See? I wouldn’t get very far with this book. I think I’m going to just keep riding.
T: Yes, keep riding.
A: And come spring, when its warm and you feel energetic, then you can thank me.
T: I’ll save my thanks for when you get the big chunk of horse pasture.
A: Yes, and all of us, we will then celebrate. In the meantime, let’s continue to appreciate the view.

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