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October 15, 2021: Mid-month

It’s now dark at 7 p.m. – hard to recall that I was previously out riding at 10:30 p.m. I always attempt to take advantage of the darkness by seeing it as a time in which to get inside things done, and practice inner contemplation. I attempt, I never do. I simply fritter away the evening hours because I know that I’ll be going to bed soon, and tomorrow after all, will be another day.

What most concerns me is the fact that the VCRS board members are not wildly enthusiastic about a donation that would pay for a portable shelter, one that will house the Bright Lights Book Project. More space then, will make sorting, categorizing, and cleaning books that much easier.

Boxing up the books at VCRS

My concern is, given a month, that the board members will then have time to marshal their defenses, and thus find reasons why the building can’t be located on the VCRS property.

Me, I have a long-term item on my wish list and two long-range plans. I of course want a bookmobile. I tell people this and they laugh. They just don’t see how this fits in with the scheme of things. I also want to have a sign that says “Home of Bright Lights Book Project” at the entrance to Palmer. I also want to give the Mat-Su College commencement address. This neighbor speculated that this project has the potential to become bigger than Amazon. I suspect that in time, the new building will be lacking in space, and yes, I’ll have to get another grant, one for a warehouse.

This makes me think of the Crazy Horse sculpture, located in South Dakota. It’s now a multi-generational monument of Crazy Horse and his horse. The horses’ nostril is so large that a man can stand inside of it. I figure that if the creator can create something like this, then I can keep this book project going.

The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, went into outer space and is sending other people out there. I would like to send books into outer space. Maybe I can get a National Science Foundation Grant and study the effects of weightlessness on classics versus non-classic books. Then the books might be left behind for aliens.

I’m not sure why I have to wait on moving forward on the building project. Thinking about it actually pisses me off, since I had no say in the matter. Well, in the meantime, books are rolling into VCRS and rolling out.

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