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October 14, 2021: A Conversation with Sassy

Sassy: Baaaah
Alys: What’s wrong?
Sassy: Baaaaah.
Alys: You need to be more specific.
Sassy Baah, baah, baah.
Alys: That’s not specific. That’s redundant.
Sassy: Baah.
Alys: Is it that you don’t like being confined in your indoor pen?
Sassy: Baaaaah.
Alys: Well, we can’t let you in with Ranger and Swampy because you will again slip through the manger slats and get stuck in the center area.
Sassy: Baah.
Alys: You have to admit, you do have it pretty good. You are warm, dry, and your bedding, fresh straw, is changed regularly.
Sassy: Baah.


Alys: And you get plenty of hay. And plenty of outside time.
Sassy: Baaaah.
Alys: I know, not today. You would not want to be out in the wet, snow. It isn’t quite a rain/snow mix, but it is rather unpleasant to be outside right now.
Sassy: Baaaaah.
Alys: I say, blaaah.
Sassy: Blaaah.
Alys: We share the same sentiments. But you need to know this. It’s going to be cold, snowy perhaps, and overcast for the next seven months.
Sassy: Baah?
Alys: I know, it was so nice being over at Cottonwood Creek. But you must understand, the weather has also turned bad there. It isn’t a place where the sun shines all the time.
Sassy: Baah.
Alys: And I can’t help the fact that you miss your innumerable siblings. I know, Ranger and Swampy are both older goats, and not that much fun to be around. This is the luck of the draw.
Sassy: Baaaaah.
Alys: And I know you miss being the star of goat yoga. The problem is, you would not be allowed to participate because you are now too large.
Sassy: Baaaaah.
Alys: And the goat exhibit area of the Alaska State Fair, you were also the star of the show there. Problem is, you and your innumerable siblings were replaced by a second group because you got to be of an age in which you were no longer interested in climbing up on things all day long.
Sassy: Baaah.
Alys: And yes, I know that you miss Suzy’s husband Mike. He is a very kind and gentle soul. Well, Pete doesn’t love you, like Mike did, but he does like you.
Sassy: Baaaaaah.
Alys: And I’m not Suzy. I don’t have years of goat knowledge behind me. I can tell you this – I do love you. I think you are wonderful, and I’m glad that you live with us.
Sassy: Baaaaaaah.
Alys: You know, next week Pete is going away for a few days. I’ll put the dogs out for a while and you can come on inside the cabin and if you want, hang out by the woodstove.
Sassy: Baaaah.
Alys: And your days of being an entertainer are not yet over. You are going to be the Bright Lights Book Project mascot. You’ll go to events and promote book reading.
Sassy: Baaaah.
Alys: Enough for now. I have to head inside.
Sassy: Baaaah.
Alys: Baaaah.

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