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October 8, 2021: The Second Person

You takes the form of the second person. You wonder why you is not the first person. As the second person, it seems to be playing second fiddle to I. Perhaps, you think, the English language is due for an overhaul – it needs to be taken into the shop and worked on some. Nothing major, just some tweaking and fine tuning. The changes would be so slight that most would just go hmmmm.

You had quite the day. The days, you have been writing about them individually, hoping that they don’t become one big blur. Alas, they are becoming one big blur because you just can’t seem to go back and every so often reread what you’ve written. Perhaps others will read what you’ve written, and in the process, see each day for what it is. Like snowflakes, no two are the same.

The day began early, at 7 a.m. The alarm went off. You looked outside and saw that it was still dark and raining. You considered staying in bed but decided against it because you had a full day ahead of you.

Bookcase at Borough Building

First on the agenda, meet Bill the woodworker and Carole the librarian at the Sutton Library. Amazingly, you were on time. The three of you, with very little fanfare, moved the two newspaper boxes to their new locations and then filled them with children’s books. The first is now located in the lobby of the Sutton Post Office and the second at the Sutton General Store.

Before heading out, you and Carol swapped books. She gave you two bags of fiction, which you put in the Sutton Post Office kiosk. She took several nonfiction books that were in the rear portion of DGNPNY.

Your next pit stop was the Sutton Native Health Center where you added more books to the bookcase. You also removed what you call white bread literature, thinking it will do better elsewhere.

You got a quick ride in on Hrimmi, then headed to town where you passed three boxes of books on to a fellow working for Kids Kupboar. The nonprofit will distribute these books with kids’ lunches.

It was Friday, so Sarah and Marti, who are a part of a self-named group called the “Knit Pickers,” were at the meeting house. You sat down with them and mainly listened to the pair talk. Sarah is fighting colon cancer tooth and nail. My guess is that she is going to find the right doctor who will cut out the tumor, which seems to have a life of its own.

A woman named Diana dropped off two bags of fiction.

After, you consolidated books and cut up cardboard boxes, so as to make room for more incoming books.

Pete, as planned, arrived in the late afternoon, and together you went to the Willow Community Center where you picked up the rest of the library shelving.

And this evening, you unloaded one of the two truck loads of shelving from the Tundra into the hay barn. Yep, now we have shelving. All we need now is a building to put the shelving into.

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