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September 30, 2021: The End of the Month Club

Outside now, the leaves on the trees are orange – this year was unusual in that the leaves stayed on the trees far longer than they usually do. Everyone has noticed this. Tonight, I was out walking Tinni (with Shadow riding Tinni) and the leaves were coming out of the trees and swirling around. I like focusing on individual leaves and seeing where they land.

I also like being out and thinking about my day, thus far. This is a form of centering. If, say, I have too many negative thoughts swirling around, I make note of this and force myself to think of happier things.

Tonight, I decided that I am never going to be a faith-based person. The concept intrigues me, but I am not ever going to make the Kierkegaardian leap. It would be like my diving off a diving board and going into the water headfirst. This, too, is something I will never do. The water always appears solid to me, and I fear in looking at it that I will break my neck and be paralyzed for life. Same with being faith-based. I would end up being mentally paralyzed.

But tonight, as we did the woods part of our walk, I did figure out something, and this something is now what I believe. God is not one entity. God is several entities that comprise a committee. They are a part of a non-profit board. There is no executive director.

These individuals are aliens. They created us, then stepped back to see what would become of us. Time to these aliens is different than time is to us. They can go back and forth, and at any one given moment, that is where the present resides. They can’t go past this present moment. Just right up to it.

They are waiting to see if we are going to be able to extricate ourselves from the mess we are now in. The problem, as they now see it, is one of over population. We have not accepted the fact that we need to keep our numbers in check in order to live quality lives. And, as they are thinking, we most likely will not ever stop our indiscriminate reproducing.

Another thing that they are noticing is that the smarter individuals realize all this and are limiting the number of children they are bringing into the world. The stupid people, the ones who are opposed to abortion but for the death penalty, they are continuing to breed indiscriminately.

Some on the alien committee want to do something about this – these are the ones that have made tentative forays into our general area. Others are holding back and waiting to see what happens. The latter group is cautiously optimistic – they do think that we who live on this planet will wise up.

Others that think the way I do have been institutionalized because this sort of thinking goes against the grain. So perhaps for now, I ought to keep my thoughts on this matter to myself.

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