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September 27, 2021: Shadow’s Dog Blog: No Longer a Newcomer

I was told by all the animals here that newcomers are given preferential treatment. I didn’t pay this observation much mind because I thought that I’d be the last animal that Alys and Pete took in. At least this is what Pete said, repeatedly.

Much to my dismay, I’ve been supplanted by another addition. It wouldn’t be so bad if it were a horse, dog, or even a chicken. But it’s a goat. Goats, they really don’t have much going for them. Horses, dogs, and yes chickens are very intelligent animals.

Shadow checks out Sassy from above

The newcomer is named Chinook Winds Sastrugi, Sassy for short. I knew that I was in trouble the day she arrived. Pete and Alys made a huge fuss over her, and let her roam around the upper quadrant (as they call it) while they worked. Me and Ryder, we were put in the house and ignored. Ryder, she went upstairs and laid on their bed and took a nap. Me, I hung out by the door, waiting for Alys and Pete to let me out. I was inside until dusk, when they finally put Sassy in the goat shed pen. I said good riddance.

Well, it turns out that Sassy is very personable. In the mornings Alys takes her with her when she goes to tend to the horses. And that damn caprine keeps her in her sight. What gives?

I was treated well right up until this young doe’s arrival, a week and two days ago. Now I’m feeling like a second-class citizen. Alys is talking about doing goat agility with Sassy and also about having her pull a cart or carry a pack. Now the original plan, which was to do agility with me, seems to have fallen by the wayside.

I spoke to Tyra about this, and she said that in time, Alys will again begin paying more attention to me. Tyra then told me the order in which the animals arrived here. Raudi was first, and followed by Ranger, Tinni, Hrimfara, Ryder, Tyra, Thelma and Louise, Ruth, Bader, and Ginsberg, me, Swampy, and lastly, Sassy. FYI, Alys said that the Squalor Holler head count is currently five chickens, four horses, three goats, two dogs, and one husband.

Maybe things are looking up. Tonight, after she got home, Alys took Raudi, Ryder, and me for a trail outing. We have all noted that Alys is a lot more relaxed now that hunting season is over. She was worried that one might shoot Ryder or me. Well, now there’s no need for pink flagging on our collars.

I hope that Alys’s taking us out is a sign of things to come. Running loose on the trails is my favorite thing in the whole world. And too, Ryder seems to come to life when she’s out there. She’s fixated on squirrels. Me, I most enjoy running around.

Yes, I am despondent about my second-to-last status. As I told Sassy tonight, just you wait. They’ll get another animal and then you’ll feel like I feel. Her response to this was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Stupid, stupid goat.

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