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September 25, 2021: End of Hunting Season

The hunting season in Game Management Unit 14 A ended tonight, at dusk. I suspect that the hard core will be out there a few hours later, headlights in hand, hoping to see the tracks of Moosey Moosey.

I am tone deaf. It finally came in handy this year. For the past month, I’ve been singing loudly, in hopes of alerting Moosey Moosey to the fact that hunters are in the area. I have sung the stupidest songs I know, just in case Moosey Moosey is a connoisseur of good music. The songs I sing, as well as my off-key voice, are guaranteed to send all creatures running as far from our trails as they can actually go.

I have also been a marked contrast to the area hunters, who dress in camo colors. I wear brightly colored vest. And just to be on the safe side, I put a cow bell on whoever I am riding or walking. And so, this year, I’ve been well prepared. And being well prepared, I’ve been less fearful than in other years.

My two favorite days of the year are September 25th (or thereabouts), the end of hunting season. And also the winter solstice, which means that the days will be getting longer.

Alys walking on Jim's road with Raudi and Ryder

Darkness is now closing in on us. I will have to deal with another three months of this. So far, so good, I’m getting things done inside in the evenings.

Tomorrow I will go for a ride. I’ve been looking forward to not having to listen to background noise, the sound of ATVs tearing up and down the trails.

What I like the least about hunting is the reliance upon guns. If I could have one wish, it would be that all guns be taken away from everyone in the world and melted down and the metal be used in constructing what I’d call “peace bridges.”

These footbridges would enable hikers to view wildlife in several different areas of the world. They’d come to platforms and be able to go no further. Rather than shoot, they’d observe wildlife. They could, if they wanted, also take photos. How much different this would be than shooting these animals.

I do not see what joy accompanies shooting animals. Meat on the table? There used to be a moose roadkill program in our state – if you were on the list, you could come and get a moose killed by a vehicle. I don’t know what they are now doing with the dead animals.

I also do not see what joy accompanies driving around for days on end in an ATV or sidewinder. The drivers apparently never look back and review the devastation. I suppose that next year, the same thoughts will come back to mind. But who knows, perhaps there will be a sea change and people will then see no reason to use and keep guns.

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