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September 1, 2021: My Yearly Rant: It’s again Hunting Season

I get to get on my soap box and have my say about hunters and hunting season at least once a year. So here I go.

I got all four horses out. This year, I’m prepared. I wore my reflective coat, and dog and ponies had bright pink flagging tied to their collars and halters. I had previously put a large cow bell on the horses, held in place with a nylon strap. Today I put a smaller bell on each horse before taking off.

I felt good about my high degree of preparation. Add to this, my singing most definitely will scare off moose and keep hunters at bay.

This sea lion popped up next to Pete

There are now trails everywhere on the lower portion of the trail. And the new access trail now provides access for hunters.

Hunters that use vehicles don’t care how big a footprint they leave behind them. I now have evidence of this. This is true just about everywhere. Last year an acquaintance went hunting with her father. She said that they went to Eureka, which is about 100 miles from here. After, she assured me that they left no vehicular trace. I didn’t say what I was thinking, which was that this isn’t possible. All ATV users leave a footprint.

She added that she and her father had a moose sighting and then followed it a ways. I also didn’t say that following an animal causes it to expend unnecessary energy. I learned this when kayaking. I’d been told that the same holds true about birds, and as well seals and sea lions.

What I really don’t understand is this – why is it that hunters are so intent on killing animals? What joy is there to be had in engaging in this activity? This is and will remain a mystery to me.

Humans are actually pretty barbaric. Not only do they use guns to kill game, but they also use them to kill one another. All guns have the capacity to kill, maim, and slaughter. So why have one? Protection?

If everyone gave up their guns, there would be no need for protection. Sad to say, weapon using man would, if forced to part with their weapon (the one in hand, not the one between their legs), find and use something else, like a sling shot.

Nope, none of the above makes any sense to me. And I suppose, in this respect, I am very much alone.

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