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August 20, 2021: One Thing Missing

The Bright Lights Book Project is going very well. Amazing to think back and remember when there were piles and piles of books on the recycling center processing plant floor, and the only idea anyone had was to have a sale. I didn’t know what to do with the tons of young adult books or the equal number of romance novels. In time, I did figure this out. The best part is handing books over to appreciative readers.

As of late, I had to send about a dozen boxes of books back to VCRS, where they will be shredded. These are damaged books, out of date books, and books that really no one is going to read. It pains me to do this, but I have limited space and can’t risk having the good books that people want inaccessible because there are so many books.

I am pleased about this. Still, I am seeking a balance since the scales are tipped in favor of the Bright Lights Book Project. I want them to be even again. On the other side of the scale is my ongoing horse project. Right now, I have no horse friends to converse with. I keep hoping that someone who, like me, is passionate about Icelandic horses, will materialize.

Alys and Marrianne

I further hope that they live nearby, and perhaps have an Icelandic horse of their own, and a trailer. And I doubly hope that they enjoy trail riding.

I’ve pretty much been riding the same trails all summer, with a few forays around our general area. I am, of course, glad to have trails nearby, and I am pretty much able to put it out of mind that our new neighbor trashed the lower portions of Siggi’s Trail, in his quest for cabin building wood.

And perhaps this friend would be interested in positive reinforcement training, Centered Riding, and Intrinzen training. Perhaps. Two friends would be even better.

I did have this a number of years back. My friends Ruth and Brandy both had Icelandic horses and we had a lot of good times together. I remember going with both to a clinic in Fairbanks – all the way up, during, and on the ride home I was laughing. In fact, I laughed so hard that for a few days after, my ribs hurt.

And what became of them? Ruth became fast friends with Vicki, who a few years back moved to Washington State. And Brandi ditched her husband and us friends and married another guy and moved to Texas. Rumor has it that she married a Republican.

Last year I taught a class on Sundays at Saddle Up arena. Brit and Gregory sold their equestrian park, and it is now a dressage/jumping barn. I don’t think that the new owners have much of an interest in Centered Riding.

This lack of a friend or friends has caused me to stall – I feel that horse training wise, that I’m spinning my wheels. Once again, I say build it and they will come. Like the book project, things have a way of happening; I just have to be patient.

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