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August 17, 2021: Keep ‘er going

I knew that today was going to be a long day, working on the book project ‘n all. I got intimations of this last Saturday – the more books that I leave the recycling center with, the greater the workload. Add to this, I decided to reorganize the Meeting House library room. I foresaw that this multi-day project was absolutely necessary.

I put in a mid-day appearance at the Palmer Senior Center – I walked in the door and saw that several individuals were clustered around the book table and that others, sitting at their tables, already had books in hand. And from there it only got better. There was a steady stream of readers taking books for the next hour-and-a-half. All expressed their gratitude for the books. I was just glad that I had more and differing books on hand.

I went from the senior center to the various distribution sites, leaving Vagabond Blues for later in the day. Then I went to the Meeting House where I divided my time between sorting in the library room and cleaning gardening and kids’ books for the fair. Two volunteers showed up, one right after the other.

The conversation with one of the two became a religious values exchange. By this point in time, I was tired and having a hard time focusing on the task at hand. She proceeded to tell me that the end time is near – and that her belief was based on having read the scripture. I didn’t want to go down this road, but sadly enough, I did get dragged down it a bit.

The rapture and what’s to come of us – I did ask about this, and I was asked what I thought. Right then I knew that I was dealing with an individual who was trained to ask these kinds of questions of people. She also was adept at using analogy. When I questioned her statement, that God is going to cast judgement on us all, she said that it would like me dealing with my horses. She said that I have expectations and the horses must adhere to them. Right then I puffed out my shoulders and strode around the room, because the inference was that, like God, I was in a position of power.

I then asked, based on all this, if she was a Jehovah Witness and was told yes, she is. I said that when they come to my place, I run and hide. Sad to say, I could not run and hide on this particular day. I had a task that needed finishing. I bumbled my way through the rest of the conversation, then finally put an end to it by going into the library room and continuing to straighten up that mess. I think it was then that I lost my hearing aid.

Pete then appeared and so changed the tenor of the conversation. He put the discarded books and old cardboard boxes in the Tundra, then took this individual and a chair that was taking up space to her place.

I was finally again able to work in solitude. Having momentarily lost it, I was glad to have gotten it back.

The rapture – I was left with the thought – am I coming or going? If I go, I want to take a box of books with me and distribute them in heaven. Now is the time – I should start picking and choosing which books I will take.

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