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August 12, 2021: Among Friends

It’s tired and I’m getting late. Or, time’s fun when you’re having flies. Yes, word order goes out the window at the day’s end. And all I then do is say bye-bye.

Today was a day in which I connected with new friends and reconnected with old friends. This is the best Bright Lights Book Project perk of all. It has been sort of tough – most of our non-horsey friends here have either moved or died. Those that we do now communicate with seem to be a rather opinionated lot. So conversing with those who have a strong interest in books and reading has been a breath of fresh air.

Checking books at the Senior Center

I headed off for work -- dognpony was loaded with books. I first stopped at the Alaska Pioneer Home and I dropped off a box of National Geographic Magazines. I have found that in some places, attempting to get a hold of the volunteer coordinators is near-impossible. This was the case in this instance, which was why I said to hell with it, and rather than continue to leave messages, I left the box with the receptionist. National Geos are always a big hit, right?

I next ventured over to the Palmer Senior Center where I did my usual song and dance. My wearing my hat in the cat costume makes doing this song and dance easier. Sue, a Senior Center volunteer, and others went through the new boxes that I brought with me. Then Mario asked me to join him and Mary at their table. I immediately said yes. As Mario and I talked about horse training methods (and Mary listened), it occurred to me that I really like this couple. The reason might be that their positive attitude reminds me of Pete’s grandparents. I am always sorry when lunch hour is over because I enjoy talking with them so much.

Another friend, Hillary, dropped by to chat and get some goat milk. She’s one of the project’s biggest supporters. She is a comedian, for real. She said she pictured me, in my new bookmobile, wearing my hazmat outfit and dropping off books. I remarked that I was glad that I failed EMT training. . .

My next stop was the Meeting House where I met up with my friend Bea Adler. We stood in the rain for the longest time, our vehicles side-by-side, swapping stories and examining books. Bea said that, yes, in the near future she might be a guest sorter at VCRS.

On to the Alaska State Fairgrounds. I immediately ran into Bill Schmidtkunz who was wearing suspenders that looked like a weigh tape, and a big heavy carpenter’s belt. We talked book project, as always, commending ourselves for an ongoing job well done. As we were talking, our mutual friend Becky Myvold drove up in a dark green maintenance truck. We then all talked for a while. She was the one who designed the bug landscaping display – coincidently, across from her was an exhibit hall that will feature – bugs.

Lastly but not leastly, I went to see Pamella Meekins, who is the fair vendor coordinator. She gave me a handful of parking and entrance passes to enter the fair and distribute books to the two newspaper boxes. I was overwhelmed by her generosity – and glad that I could count her as one of my innumerable friends.

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