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July 28, 2021: A Conversation with Tyra: Goodbye Patrick

Alys: Tyra, how are you doing?
Tyra: I am fine.
A: I, meaning, you are fine, but others might not be fine?
T: That’s right?
A: What’s the problem?
T: Problem is, the guy with the orange hair is gone.
A: That’s right. He went home to Ojai, California.
T: Well, he didn’t say goodbye to Raudi.
A: Isn’t this something Raudi should take up with me?
T: Yes, but she’s sulking.
A: Sulking? Looks like she’s eating her hay.
T: She’s binging on hay.
A: She hay binges all the time.
T: True, I suppose if she wasn’t eating, then you’d have cause for concern.
A: So what’s the story?
T: Well, Raudi really liked the guy with the red hair.
A: Patrick.
T: Yes, Patrick.
A: Yesterday he rode her around the loop. I gave him a lesson on her.
T: Yes, that’s right.
A: As I recall, Raudi wasn’t very cooperative.

Pat on the Lazy Mountain Trail

T: No, not at first. But Raudi soon realized that he was internalizing what you told him. He was also very kind and gentle and treated her nicely. Raudi hoped that he’d ride her agin today.
A: But he didn’t. Instead, he went for a bicycle ride. Then when he got back, he said that he’d had enough exercise.
T: Yes, and this about broke Raudi’s heart. She presumed that he’d take her on a trail ride.
A: I took her on a trail ride.
T: It wasn’t the same. Like I said, she was smitten. She also liked the fact that he also had red hair. She thought that, in this respect, they were a good match.
A: And he didn’t even say goodbye.
T: That’s what really upset Raudi.
A: I will have to explain to her that not everyone knows that horses have feelings and that it is possible to communicate with them.
T: I’ll bet that if Patrick had stuck around, he would have figured this out.
A: Oh yes. He has a big heart.
T: Well, we all hope he comes back for a longer visit.
A: It may be a while.
T: Why?
A: Because he doesn’t like the cold.
T: Maybe we should all move to Ojai.
A: Problem is, it gets really hot there.
T: Well, that’s not going to work. We are northern breeds.
A: And the heat would be really hard on Tinni.
T: Well, he could stay here.
A: Tyra, bite your tongue.
T: Why do you want me to bite my tongue?
A: It’s just an expression.
T: And a terrible one at that.
A: It means to keep such ideas to yourself. Unfathomable, that we’d leave Tinni behind.
T: So that means we are staying here.
A: Right.
T: Any plans to move to a place with a pasture?
A: Just in my head.
T: Your head, like mine, is full of ideas.
A: That’s right.
T: What can we do to cheer Raudi up?
A: The only thing we can do is give it time.
T: Yes, and plenty of hay.
A: Yes, plenty of hay.

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