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July 21, 2021: On Your Mark, Get Set. . .

Go. Today was a day of preparation. Inside, housework in order to get ready for Pete’s brother Pat’s arrival. I put off doing inside chores for as long as I could, knowing that if I waited until the last minute, that I would not lolly gag. It began to drizzle mid-day, and then it rained on and off the rest of the day. Perhaps fortuitous, if the sun had been shining, I would have thrown up my hands and hit the trail.

I tend to attend to detail when cleaning – I make sure that everything is really clean before moving on. This is why, sometimes, I don’t get very far. Waiting until the last minute before commencing cleaning worked today – I could not focus on any one particular thing, like the dirt alongside the windowsills, because I had too much ground to cover. This included changing the bedding and sweeping the floor in the upper cabin. So I breezed through it all. The overall job was not done to my satisfaction, but maybe I’ll do a more thorough job the next time.

I also worked on tomorrow's reading/ presentation. I was going to read from my essay about bicycling from Fairbanks to Valdez, but I had a change of plans. I began working on a Bright Lights Book Project timeline, so as to provide my listeners with a big picture overview.

Alys drawing

Shortly after I began writing it, I began to mull over the thought of reading it, and interjecting comments. I then realized that I’d have too much on my plate if I were to both read this and read my essay. So at this point in time, I am going to read/talk through the time line. I'm also going to preface my reading by reading an excerpt from Susan Orleans book entitled The Library Book.

This means that I am going to have to read first. If I read the bicycling essay, I’d have read last.

I also wrote introductions that will proceed Bill’s and Nan’s presentations. Nan was here, we went for a ride to Grizzly Camp. After, I got additional details that I will include in my write-up. Very important to note, the importance of making the connections inherent to being an artist and an artistic community activist. I have learned in working on the Bright Lights Book Project that the two, together, are synergistic. I will say that Nan is proof of this.

The ride itself was okay. Fat ponies spent considerable time diving for grass rather than being focused on the task at hand. Soon enough, the grass will dry out and then be covered with snow. Then they’ll again get a move on.

Pete went to the airport and picked up his brother, Pat, who is now asleep in the upper cabin. He retired well before we did – we had chores to finish up. It made me realize that our lifestyle is such that we go to bed much later than most.

Good to have him here. Hoping to put him to work.

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