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July 19, 2021: The End Times

This is the signifier that’s being used in talking about the end of human civilization on this planet, as we know it. Meaning, I think, that what is currently besetting us, more specifically, the consequences of climate change, are going to wipe us out.

My sister Eleanor lives in Oregon and right now there is a fire there that’s so massive that it’s creating its own weather patterns. Out of control is the operative phrase. There are other fires elsewhere, and higher than average temperatures worldwide. And right now, in Europe, specifically Germany, they are dealing with floods.

And let us not forget The Virus and its new variant.

Strawberries are going in the freezer

I asked Eleanor if we’d reached the tipping point, which is the point at which we can no longer reverse the catastrophic onslaught, and she said “yes.” She amazingly, did not sound anxious or overly concerned about this. I guess most are in a state of denial, which in this case is a survival mechanism. Give in to fear and it will, like a boa constrictor, slowly squeeze you to death.

Me, I am in denial because Pete and I are not being affected to the degree that others are. There is a haze, from the fire going on in Siberia. It is hot here, but this is not unusual. The most long-lasting outward sign is the fact that the spruce beetle has killed innumerable trees – they stand now, shells of their former selves.

The robin population here seems like it is at an all-time high – I wonder if these migratory birds are coming here because this is one of the last habitable places for this kind of species.

I will always contend that the main reason behind climate change is the fact that our planet is over-populated. There are just too many of us, squandering too few resources. We are, collectively, polluting the air and water, with our insistence upon our continued reliance upon the excessive use of fossil fuels, and all that goes with it. “Plastics, Benjamin, plastics,” became a common refrain after it was uttered in the 60’s movie, “The Graduate.” Plastics don’t deteriorate. Well, say goodbye to all forms of ocean life.

And why have we continued to reproduce ad infinitum? I have always thought that our biological imperative trumped (no pun intended) our long-term world view. The religious right has capitalized on this by continuing to urge people to have babies. They have also continued to relentlessly promote their pro-life stance. Never mind that the quality of life of many such children is sub-par – their attitude is that your life is what you make of it.

Every single one of us contributes to planetary degradation; although, some more than others. Some bring children into this world thinking that their kids will be the ones to turn things around. This, of course, has put a lot of pressure on a handful of individuals.

And what am I doing about all this? Not much. I’m going to get what I deserve -- I’m going to go down with the sinking ship.

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