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July 18, 2021: Rain in the Forecast

I generally, if ever, pay attention to weather forecasts. The more distant the day and time, the less accurate it is. This is a given. However, the daily forecast, there is a smidgeon of validity to it. Pete told me several times, yesterday and today, that the forecast called for (yoo hoo) thunderstorms and rain in the afternoon.

Clear skies this morning. I wasn’t going to take any chances. I ate breakfast than first took Tinni on an outing. We first went for a ride on Siggi’s trail, then made a beeline for the creek, where I removed my tee-shirt then dunked it in the stream, then wetted down his body and legs. If the temperatures continue to rise, I will then include trips to the creek in our daily outings.

Alys and Hrimmi on the Bench

I ran into Pete as Tinni and I were heading home. He’d saddled up Tyra and was heading out on a ride. He had Shadow and Rider with him. In his absence, I got Raudi and Hrimmi ready for their outing. We went up and down the bench. We both noticed on the way up that the sky was blue gray and that the storm clouds were building. It was still pretty hot, so we didn’t push the horses to move out, but rather, took what I call numerous shade breaks. I think they were most appreciative of the fact that we were both so considerate.

The clouds continued to build, but there was still enough time to allow me to give Hrimmi a creek bath.

Pete, on the far side of the bank, waited for us. The heat was such that we gave them bucket baths when we got back. Of course, both then did double barrel rolls once back in the pen.

We put the horses away, and I came upstairs and first sent messages to media reps about Thursday’s readings. Then I began working on what it is that I’ll be reading. I decided a few days ago to read portions of The Books I Carried, the essay that I wrote last year, about my bicycle trip.

As I worked, the sky grew darker. Then, finally, there was the sound of thunder, growing louder as the storm grew closer. Then, there was the sound of rain, at first heavy, and then lighter. I paid it all little mind because by then I was focused on doing my revision. This was my second revision, the first was for the University of Nebraska Press anthology, entitled Wheels on Ice, to be forthcoming in 2022.

I did a lot of work on this in my head the past few weeks. I’d decided to turn it into a series of connected vignettes. Now that I think about it, I should have done this for the Alaska Daily News contest. I didn’t win, I never do. However, Bill Schmidtkunz came in second in the poetry division.

I finished what I felt was a successful endeavor at dinner time. The rain then stopped. So back outside I went, to tend to the now very hungry animals.

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