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July 17, 2021: Lost Momentum

Temperature 85˚F. Hazy, smoke moving in from Siberia. Slightly humid.

Not used to the heat or the humidity. Haze just makes it feel as though it is hotter than it is.

Here we are, in our version of a heat wave. Hard to imagine a week ago, visiting our friend Becky, sitting at her picnic table in the early evening, and feeling slightly chilled.
I had my day planned out. I was going to clean the entire upper quadrant area, ride all the horses, do agility with them and with the dog, and perhaps clean the upper cabin.

Himalayan Blue Poppies at Becky’s house

The day started as planned. I cleaned the goat and chicken pen enclosures and picked up items in the front area. Then, and only then, momentum was lost. It was hot. I ate lunch then sat down on the tack room steps and waited for Pete and Bill to return. They were at the recycling center, sorting books. It’s now routine, they come back and give me a progress report; i.e., how many books they managed to score, and what some of the subject matter might be.

They returned, and Bill and Pete and I loaded up manure for Bill, then hung out and talked for a long time. Finally, we all wandered off. I got Tinni out. It was too hot to ride, so I walked him to the creek, and as he stood ankle deep in water, I splashed water all over him. This had to feel good. This, I think, is what I will do, in fact a few times a day if it gets hotter. Problem is, he’s going to be dry when we get back home.

And so, while out on the trail, I ran into our new neighbor, Sebastian, who was in the process of figuring out how to continue with his house/property building plans. He is a kindred spirit in the way my friends Bill Schmidtkunz and Chris Benson are. I enjoy conversing with him, and I think vice versa.

I invited him back to our place, and he and Pete talked about alternative energy. I hope he got some ideas from their discussion.

Sebastian mentioned that it was hazy and asked me if it was the smoke. I said it was just the weather. Turns out, he was right. Winds from fires in Siberia are sending smoke in our direction. Freaky.

It was getting late, but I did get Hrimmi and Raudi out for rides on our trails. In between rides, our friend Gene came and visited with Pete. I gave him a Bright Lights Book Project reading flier. I fear that no one is going to come. . .

Lastly, after dinner, I got Tyra out. Alas, Pete rode her yesterday and forgot to readjust the stirrup leathers. They are relatively new, so I was unable to do this myself. I returned home, not having gotten in this all important ride.

No agility. Too hot in the Playground of Higher Learning. Maybe tomorrow, but I have this odd feeling the heat is here to stay for a while.

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