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July 16, 2021: Tyra and Tinni Converse: Hrimmi and Raudi join in

Tinni: Tyra, where have you been?
Tyra: I went for a trail ride. It used to be called the Grizzly Camp Loop, but Pete and Alys have renamed it the badass loop.
Tinni: The Badass Loop?
Tyra: Yes, because it’s such a tough ride. And so, me, Raudi and Terri’s horse Dinni, we’re all bad ass too.
Tinni: What do you mean by badass?
Tyra: Really tough.
Tinni: Oh. And how do you define tough?
Tyra: In terms of being trail horses, able to deal with deep mud, bogs, and deep ruts.
Tinni: I see.
Tyra: You would have had to have been there.
Tinni: I have done that loop several times.
Tyra: Lately?

Terry on Dinni & Alys on Raudi

Tinni: No, not lately. But it was muddy, boggy, and deeply rutted back then.
Tyra: It’s even worse now.
Tinni: How do you know this?
Tyra: Raudi told me.
Tinni: Yes, Raudi is very familiar with that route.
Tyra: She and I, we alternated being out front.
Tinni: Raudi let you be out front?
Tyra: Yes, she wanted me to get a bit of experience, being an out-front badass horse.
Tinni: And our new buddy Dinni, how did he do?
Tyra: At times he was a bit concerned. He’d never been ridden on terrain like that before. He trusted that Raudi and I were making good choices and followed suit.
Tinni: Anything out of the ordinary occur?
Tyra: Oh yes, we were nearing Four Corners, going through the final meadow, when Dinni stumbled in a hole. He lost his balance and his nose came down on Raudi’s butt.
Tinni: Oh oh.
Tyra: Oh oh is right. Raudi did what Pete called a double barrel, she kicked out with both rear legs and attempted to connect with Dinni.
Tinni: Oh oh.
Tyra: Oh oh is right. Alys managed to stay in the saddle, just barely. She later said that she thought that Raudi had been stung by a bee, but I thought it odd that she didn’t bolt.
Tinni: Why did she do that?
Raudi: I think that I need to speak for myself here. I kicked out because I thought that Dinni was a predator. I mean, he could have been a mountain lion.
Tyra: Don’t you think what you thought was a little farfetched?
Raudi: Not at all. There are wolves in the area.
Tinni: That’s right. The English translation of your Icelandic name, Raudhetta, is Little Red Riding Hood.
Raudi: And Little Red Riding Hood was eaten by a wolf.
Tinni: It was something like that.
Hrimmi: I have something to say.
Tyra: Well, speak up.
Hrimmi: I was left behind today, and I wasn’t very happy about it.
Raudi: A day off is a wonderful thing. Enjoy it when and while you can.
Hrimmi: But now I’m not badass.
Raudi: Oh yes you are. You and I and Pete and Alys rode the same trail a week ago, and it was even more muddy, rutted, and boggy then.
Hrimmi: So, I am badass then.
Tyra: We’re all bad ass – and we should be proud of it.

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