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June 21, 2021: Uneventful Solstice

I write to remember what, at any given moment, I deem to be a momentous event. I assume that in writing it down, I will remember whatever it was. I have not tested this theory, by going back and rereading what I’ve written down.

I also write in order to inform others of momentous events. In this way, I cover most of my cognitive bases. Pretty soon, I’ll be sliding into home plate.

Shadow on the dog walk

I once heard on NPR of a woman who was reputed to remember every single thing that had ever happened to her. I since have been hoping to either read or hear more about this, but I haven’t come across anything of note.

Today was the solstice, a day that in itself is momentous. All I remember about recent past solstices are going for horseback rides up the bench with Pete, and then once with a group of friends. The most memorable year of all, I had a glass or two of wine and then hopped on Raudi, who was in very good shape. She tore up the trail, leaving all the other horses behind. This was the year in which our friend Colleen Fisk’s Aussie stole a steak off our neighbor’s grill – he had set up a barbecue grill next to his RV, which was right next to the road. I thought, well, he got his just desserts.

Today was an uneventful day. Still, there are some things I’d like to remember. Agility: watched Pete put Shadow through her paces. She’s very fast and fearless. Pete, I think, is a bit too casual and not attentive enough to Claudia, our trainer.

We have one more class left, then we go on to do yet another one. I will keep working with Shadow in the Playground of Higher Learning, so that I feel confident about taking on the job when then the time comes.

After class we did errands. I got low top Alaska Tuffs and gift baskets for the Sutton silent auction at Walmart. Walmart is too much Walmart for me. It is pure sensory bombardment any time I go in there. I couldn’t help but think that the time I spent there was time wasted because it was such a nice day outside.

Pete’s computer is not working. We dropped it off at a computer shop near Walmart.

We picked up two bags of hay pellets and one bag of alfalfa pellets at Animal Food Wearhouse.

Got to Palmer, I checked in on the bookcases at Vagabond Blues – Bill had stocked them. Thus, the time I would have spent stocking, was instead spent at the Meeting House, sorting and categorizing books. Wow – the guys had an amazing haul, lots of kid’s books and Alaskana and fiction – and here I was, worried because the inventory was low. Now I’m concerned because, again, we have a lot of books on hand.

Came home, went for a trail ride with Pete, he rode Hrimmi and I rode Tyra. Then I went for a second trail ride on Tinni – he was a little gimpy.

I might someday read this and not recall any of these events, making them less than momentous.

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