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June 8, 2021: A Day in Town

The best days around here are the days in which I don’t have to go anywhere. This is the most productive use of my time. In general, people don’t equate driving with a loss of valuable time, but going here and there, the time adds up. Both Pete and I tend to minimize our number of outings, and at the same time, combine errands when we do go out.

So, this morning, to town, for an early haircut appointment. I arrived at Roots Hair Salon at 9:12 a.m. I was 12 minutes late. Haircutter was understandably annoyed. How to explain, it takes two hours to get everything done around here and out the door.

The real reason for her stressed expression was that she was dealing with dog drama – her border collie was hit by a

Alys and Rocky at Vagabond bookcase

car a few days ago and the veterinary care was substandard. So the dog is now at home. I told her, and I meant it, I would feel similarly.

I next went to UPS and had a Bright Lights Stamp made. I then went to Car Quest and talked with them about having a bookcase put in for repair manuals. My request has to go up the chain of command.

After, I stopped in at Fireside Books and talked with Mary, the owner. I had not been there in some time. I remembered her as being gracious and accommodating – this was before I got all the distribution stations going. I feared that I might be undercutting her business. No, she is totally behind the Bright Lights Book Project. Her positive attitude had a profound effect on me. I am now thinking of ways I might support her business; one way will be to pass on new books. And I am going to order the Susan Orleans book on libraries from her.

I continued on, and I worked on stocking the Vagabond Blues distribution site. It has become a gathering place, where people hang out and talk. My old writing group friend, Rocky, appeared, as did two other individuals, one being Frances from Quinhagak and Ali from Los Angeles. Ali made my day by taking a photo of the distribution site and saying that, “he liked seeing nice people do this kind of thing.”

This was exactly what I’d hoped for in setting up this site. I wanted tourists to see Palmer in a positive light. This seemed to me to be a good way of going about it. And it worked.

Rocky and I next ventured over to the Senior Center, and there we got a free Senior Center lunch. Lunch is only available to those over 60. My project radar was on – they have a commodities area, which is a quasi-food bank where seniors can pick up free items. I am now thinking that this would be an ideal place for a distribution center. Imagine it, get a free box of pasta and a book. My fingers are crossed that the administration will go for this.

I spent the afternoon sorting books with Nan and Sheila. Lots of talk about books and life in general.

Okay. I had as much fun in town as I usually do at home.

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