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January 15, 2021: Commonalities

I have been reading an autobiography, Twyla Tharp’s When Push Comes to Shove, and a biography, Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs. Tharp is a dancer/choreographer. Jobs, who died of prostate cancer a few years back, was a computer executive. I decided to read Tharp’s book after reading her book on creativity. I decided to read Isaacson’s book because what little I’d previously read about him sparked my interest.

I am continuing to read both books simultaneously. When my attention wavers, I set the book down and go back to the other. I usually read books cover to cover. I probably will resume reading books cover to cover after I finish reading these two.

I am having a difficult time with Tharp because this is more about her life than about the creative process. And I am having a difficult time with Jobs because he’s being portrayed as an individual who is brash, opinionated, and extremely insensitive.

Ryder's Shadow

However, my secondary reason for reading these two books has surfaced. I, who now have my own little quasi-work-related niche, am paying close attention to their management styles. Tharp writes about dealing with people from all walks of life, in getting her fledgling dance company going. And Isaacson writes about the same, as he provides an overview of Job’s life.

They have many commonalities. Both are driven and are extremely hard workers. They are obsessive, Twyla in her choreographic work, and Jobs in his design work. They both have spine and stand up for what they believe. They also move in social circles and circulate with others who have similar personalities. They are both very self-assured, take charge individuals.

Tharp and Job had parents (Job was adopted) with strong work ethics. And they emulated them. Their parents also pushed them to succeed, which they did.

Me. I’m now working on my management style. The Bright Light Books Project does seem to now have some momentum, and I am working hard to keep the ball rolling. I have a nice space in which to further sort, categorize, clean, and distribute books from. This is making the process easier than it was previously.

I’m also now learning about grant writing, and what it entails. In the past, I applied for Rasmussen Individual Artist grants. I now know that, in part, the reason why I didn’t get any of these grants was because I didn’t confer with the providers, by going to workshops. This grant, the one I am applying for – I am conferring.

I am also relying heavily on Pete’s expertise in terms of board awareness. He knows the most advantageous ways of keeping the lines of communication open, so I am asking him to take a look into the abyss before I make my requisite leaps.

And I am establishing a good working relationship with Sarah, who is the pastor of the Meeting House.

I am additionally trodding carefully in dealing with those who are passing on the product, that is the books.

At heart, I am an essayist, figuring out things as I go along. In time I will write about this. Right now, I am living the story.

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