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May 22, 2021: Horse Rich

I once bemoaned the fact I was horse poor to my friend Heather. She said that I was horse rich. This was the most astute thing she ever said to me. I realized today just how true this is. And it seems that by the day, I am becoming more horse wealthy.

It took many, many years to for things to be as they are now. I have four riding horses, and all are steady eddy. There was a time when Raudi was young and as a riding horse, not so steady eddy. So I got Tinni, who taught me how to deal with her. There were, for a while, two steady eddy horses – Tinni, and Signy; Raudi and Siggi were still young. After our first trip, yes then all four were steady eddy.

Siggi and young Hrimmi

The deaths of Siggi and then Signy left me with Raudi and Tinni and young Hrimmi. We purchased Tyra, making for four horses, Raudi and Tinni remaining the steady eddy horses.

I acquired Tyra, and thus, when she was four and Hrimmi was five, we had two steady eddy and two green horses. The four that I now have are respectively, 32, 18, 9, and 8 years old. All are rock solid under saddle. I can go out any time on any of them feeling confident and assured that they won’t do anything stupid.

Today was one of these days. My day began with my working with Tinni. I walked him up road, rode him on the trail, walked him on the trail, again rode him on the trail, and then walked him around the loop. He enjoys being ridden, and I think, the social interaction.

I next did agility with Raudi, then took her for a lengthy ride. We did Peaches Loop, up and down the bench, then took the upper road to Pat and Ray’s trail. We crossed the narrow bridge, then headed in the direction of home.

Pete returned from town – he volunteered to ride with me. We decided to check out the Grizzly Camp Trail since other riders will be here tomorrow. I rode Hrimmi and Pete rode Tyra. It was another in a series of really good rides. It had threatened to rain prior to our leaving, but it held off. The air was cold, but the sun was shining. The trail was patchy in places – the ATVers have torn it to shreds. The horses did a good job of negotiating the terrain. On the way back, Hrimmi and Tyra both deliberated for a while as to the best way of dealing with a steep, muddy crossing. We impatient humans should have just sat there and waited for them to figure out which was the best way of dealing with this. No, we instead attempted to be directive. Fortunately, the mares didn’t listen and crossed where they deemed the terrain to be safest.

I told Pete at one point that I didn’t want the ride to end, and I meant it.

I just wish now that we were doing another long trip.

If only. Wishes were horses.

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