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May 21, 2021: Gosh, Darn

Emails and websites are a form of social networking. Anyone and everyone can read them. I learned this several years ago when I was working on the Buffalo Mine area Comprehensive Plan – our neighbors over on Soapstone Road took some quotes off my dispatches and twisted things around. I then understood how politicians feel when their ideas end up being misconstrued.

Those ignorant individuals, who didn’t want a comprehensive plan, managed to shut down the process of our having one in place. A comprehensive plan is a guide for future planning. The primary audience in this case is the Mat-Su Borough.


The fiddle head firns are coming up

Now we have the Moose Range Neighbors. Those working under this moniker have a garbage pick up day and an Adopt a Highway sign. I suspect that the reason why they aren’t doing more is because there is no clear leadership in our community. In other words, there is not a leader type.

Will the above be misconstrued? I think not. What’s to say?

Will the following be misconstrued? I hope not. There’s plenty to say.

Right now, we are on not-so-good terms with a few nearby neighbors. They want to allow their dogs to run free, and this means go out in road. This is a tough one for me, because I ride horses on the roads on a daily basis. One dog in particular is somewhat nippy. The others, a pack of three, are prime to give chase.

I am fortunate in that my four horses have remained so incredibly calm during the onrush. The dogs too.

Why can’t we all be more like our animals, who at all costs wish to avoid confrontations? Is what gets us into trouble the fact that we are language using animals? Could be. Words, I am learning, pack as much of a punch as an actual blow.

So, for now I am going to lay low and take alternative routes, ones that aren’t in the line of verbal fire. I don’t mind doing this.

I should be outraged, but I am not. While I like all the dogs in question, I fail to understand why their owners don’t fence their properties. We have fencing, and our dogs don’t wander. They do bark on occasion, but I am working on this.

Dogs also need to have jobs. This is what they were born and bred to do. Today I did agility with the dogs in the Playground of Higher Learning. I noticed that Shadow really liked this activity, but because she is so young, she has a short attention span. Ryder’s attention span was a bit longer.

I didn’t include all the details of the day in this dispatch. Suffice to say, I am feeling glum.

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