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May 18, 2021: A Long-Awaited Ideas Day

I have not had any ideas days in a few months. This morning, I took Tinni out for a walk on the trails and around the loop. This gave me much needed thinking time because he does move slowly. We run together on the loop road. Actually, it is more apt to say we shuffle.

I’m not near the athlete he used to be. The mind remembers and wants the body to go faster. The body remembers and wants the mind to go slower. It’s an ongoing battle, and I am caught in the middle of it. Tinni is also not near the athlete he used to be. His mind and body are where they are, which is moving in slow motion, and he’s okay with this. There’s a lot that he still has to teach me.

Tinni is going grey

Yes, the ideas in the above paragraph are something that I have been thinking about. I do want to write an essay entitled Running with Horses. It will be about running with each of the horses. Their story will be embedded in it. I will do this, right hip permitting. It is seriously tweaked. But for right now, it’s Tinni and me on the roads and trails. Giddy up. That’s the term I use when the endorphins kick in.

I also thought some about the Bright Lights Book Project. I’ve been preoccupied about its future. It now seems to have a life of its own. Bride of Frankenstein; this an apt metaphor, as in, it’s alive! Bill and Pete are sorting on Saturday at VCRS, and three volunteers (Nan, Lois, Sierra, and Sheila) are assisting me on Tuesdays and Thursdays at The Meeting House, categorizing, cleaning, and getting books ready for distribution. This week the haul consists of books from VCRS.

The Mat-Su Health Foundation grant funds are now available –Pete and I just went over what previously was our wish list. The money is spent.

Pete is a good money manager. He’s directing the monetary orchestra, and it’s playing loudly. Yes, as he just told me, the computer and printer will go to VCRS should the project fold.

There’s a book in what’s happening with the project. I’m rehearsing what I’ll write, in my head. Sara, Pete’s sister, said she just read a book that reminded her of what we are doing here. Gad Zooks, I am going to have to order it, along with Susan Orlean’s book on the subject of libraries.

Agility – I am now working on getting the dog and pony show up and running. Last fall we purchased used dog agility equipment. Soon, we will dig it out of the shed, and, obstacle by obstacle, put it in place. Pete is wanting to add on to the existent shed so we have more covered storage space. And we are talking about doing some landscaping – he recently purchased more lilac bushes and wants to plant them on the hill adjoining the Playground of Higher Learning.

The day has begun. I am following it down the road now, full tilt boogie.

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