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May 14, 2021: Here we go around the Mulberry Bush

Does this song have anything to do with May poles? May trellises? I do wonder.

Today Pete took our old futon frame and made an agility obstacle out of it. It is now in the Playground of Higher Learning. He used our old futon frame. It used to be in the living room, but it wasn’t working right. The wood was sagging.

We got this frame when I lived in South Carolina. I had just purchased my new place. Pete went to the futon store and came home with it. He said it was a very good deal – he talked the guy into lowering the price to $350.00. I think that this also included the cost of the futon although I could be wrong. It was very sturdy, and I was quite fond of it. It even folded down into a bed.

Several moves and a lot of use took its toll. We decided last year to part company with it. We didn’t know what to do with it, so we put it in the hayshed for the winter.

Pete, being adept at repurposing, figured this one out. He decided to make the above-mentioned agility obstacle, a May Day trellis. The horses have to walk through it. This coincided with his picturing the two slatted sections as being the side parts. Most things around here end up having more than one

Pete building the futon trellis

use. In this particular instance, Pete foresaw that he could also use this trellis in the hoop house; that is, after we complete the May agility videos. I asked and was told that squash vines will grace this trellis.

This repurposing venture was not all that unusual. Pete is into re-use, always has been. I think he’s driven by a strong sense of frugality. Also, by the belief that there is no future in being wasteful.

Me, I’m along for the ride. I’m a two and not a three-dimensional kind of gal. Most of the time I can envision what a given dispatch will be about before writing it. Most of the time. Sometimes I can’t. When I cannot, I know from experience that I’ll figure out what I want to say as I go along. I am, in this respect, both an inductive and a deductive thinker.

I think that Pete’s interest in being on the recycling center board coincides with his interest in re-use. The concept of re-use, and it’s recycling-related role has been written into the recycling center mission statement.

The book project most definitely is re-use related. I sometimes wonder if there should be a charge for the really good books; then I remind myself that the previous insistence on shredding would yield very little financially. So, to give the books away for free assures that they will end up in the hands of appreciative readers.

Maybe tomorrow I will sit under my trellis and read a book.

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