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January 12, 2021: DGNPNY: The Vehicle

Today I put the SAAB, who I call Tank Grrl, through her paces. She did just fine, particularly considering I was under some duress. I had a lot of Bright Light books to distribute, so she was and most likely will continue to function as a bookmobile.

I first dropped books off at three daycare centers near the Meeting House. The first drop off went well. The workers at the Mousetrap Daycare center were glad to have the books. I didn’t see anyone around the second daycare center – guess I should have called. I left them on a counter in an entry way. It took me a long time to find the entrance to the Tree of Life Daycare Center. It was like a fortress.

I went through a metal gate, up a set of metal stairs, then knocked on a door. A woman came to the door and told me to go downstairs, to the south entrance. I found this easily enough.

I next dropped off the guy books at the Pioneers Home. Someone came to the door and got them. I was hoping to speak to the recreation director, but instead I passed the books off to the door clerk.

I spent my lunch hour at the Meeting House, ripping up cardboard boxes and getting the afternoon shipment in order. The afternoon distribution turned out to be a waste of time. It took me a long time to find the Primrose Assisted Living facility, which was over in Wasilla, across town. It was sheer luck that I found it. I was late, which was why the man who answered the door said that Heidi, the recreation director, wasn’t there and thank you very much but we don’t have any need for books at this point in time.

What gives? I was irate. I’d come all this way, to hear this? Uh uh. I got out my cellphone and I called inside. The desk clerk confirmed that Heidi wasn’t there, but to bring the books to the door. I left them there, so the books did not accompany me home.

I thought about calling Heidi and saying that I put some really nice kid’s books in that box, in hopes that she would not just toss them. But then I decided against this. There was no sense continuing this conversation.

I found The Primrose Assisted Living facility by happenstance, so I came home in a rather roundabout fashion. It was stressful and time consuming. But hey, all I had in the backseat was cardboard and some mixed paper. All this is going to the recycling center on Saturday.

Yes, I did find myself wondering today if this project is worth my time. I began feeling a bit more upbeat when I got home. I returned a call from Amy who works at the Mat-Su Health Foundation, and she brainstormed with me about ways in which I might keep this project going. A possible health foundation grant may be in the making.

So, I am going to keep at it. My hope is that this project now has some of its own momentum.

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