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January 10, 2021: A Hero Ain’t Nothing but a Sandwich

Picture it: a sandwich, all the fixings, piled really high. I’m now going to make a cognitive leap and compare my day to this sandwich. I piled it high with the various things I had to do.

This was quite a feat considering what I most wanted to do this morning was to kick back and, at the very least, do nothing, and at the very most read a book. I looked out the window and saw that the wind was blowing hard, the tops of the birch trees were swaying back and forth, like drunks walking down an uneven sidewalk. I then went and glanced at the thermometer. The temperature read 25˚F.


I says to myself, what has to be done, has to be done. I tended to the chickens, goats, and horses. Tyra seemed the most enlivened by the weather. I let her out of the pen, and she trotted around, and when Pete approached her with Shadow, she did a half-rear.

I went back inside when I was done, and I ate breakfast. It was now all or none. I headed back out and tied Raudi and Tinni to the hitching post. It was still blowsy out but not so blowsy that I could use this as an excuse for foregoing riding. Had an invigorating ride on Peaches and Tin Can Trail.

Got back, then went for a ride with Pete. He rode Tyra and I rode Hrimmi. Both horses were a bit distracted by the wind, which in this case only means that they went downhills a little fast. The dogs – they were, as always, running full tilt this way and that way.

Done, I came inside and ate lunch. It was time for a nap. Did I indulge? No. Instead I went to the Meeting House and I sorted through some of the books I acquired yesterday. This, so as to make tomorrow easier. Tomorrow, I will get Tuesday’s orders ready. I have about a dozen places to go; I’ll mainly be dropping off kid’s books.

I also began my kid’s room sorting/cleaning/organizing foray. I envision storing the kids’/young adult books in this area. Right now, the books are under a long table. I also began (in my head) thinking about what’s to go in the Vagabond Blues and Valley Hotel spaces. These are major thoroughfares, like the Sutton Post Office.

I came home and took some books in the house down to my cabin and brought some up to my study. It was at this point that I took a deep breath and turned on my computer. Tonight, I’m going to compile a list for my friend Fran – all the books that are now in the box to my right are along the lines of what she wants – books on carving birds. I’m also going to list some books on ebay, and then make a spreadsheet for Tuesday’s deliveries.

I said that I’d give this project a year, this is so that I don’t question what it is that I am doing. Questioning is dangerous because it creates self-doubt. Can’t have it. Have to continue to look for the bright light at the end of the tunnel.

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