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April 7, 2020: A Conversation with Hrimfara Fra Lough Arrow II

Hrimmi: You seem to have more conversations with the other horses than you do with me.
Alys: Maybe so. I don’t converse with you as much because we seem to be on the same wavelength.
H: What’s a wavelength?
Tyra (interjecting) It’s a radio frequency.
H: What’s a radio frequency?
T: A sound wave.
H: There are some things I just don’t understand.
T: There are many things I do understand.
A: Hrimmi, you understand more than you think.
H: How come Tyra knows things I don’t know?
Raudi: Because she spends a lot of her time conversing with the birds.
H: The birds know about wavelength?
A: Yes, because they are very melodic. They spend a lot of time calling to their mates.
Raudi: I would whinny to my mate, but I don’t have one.
A: Someday.
Raudi: You keep telling me this. Promises, promises.
H: What do you think, Tinni?
Tinni: I don’t know anything about sound waves.
H: But you grew up in Iceland. You therefore are worldly.
Tinni: Yes, that’s so.
H: Tell me about the plane flight across the ocean.
Tinni: It was bumpy. My legs kept feeling like they were falling out from under me.

Pete, Hrimmi, Joshua

Tyra: Was it like being in an elevator?
H: How do you know what it feels like to be in an elevator?
Tyra: I heard about this when I lived in Washington. My sire, Tindur, he was taken to a library and they put him in an elevator. He got out on the second floor. Boy was he surprised.
H: I want to hear more about your plane flight, Tinni.
Tinni: Well, my herd mates were with me. Kolby and Pia, and Anot, and Blossi, and Kappi– we were all scared, but at least we all had one another.
H: Would you like to go back there?
Tinni: Yes, I would. But once Icelandic horses leave the country, they are not allowed to return.
H: What if Alys smuggled you in?
Tinni: This would have to be by boat and I don’t like the thought of standing on water.
Tyra: Jesus Christ walked on water.
R: Oh, there you go again, with that religious crap.
Tyra: It isn’t crap. He did walk on water.
Tinni: How do you know?
Tyra: I have some very reliable sources.
Raudi: Do you think a raven’s reading of the Bible is reliable?
Tyra: Yes, I do.
H: I like the story you told me the other night, about Noah and the Ark.
Tyra: Yes, Noah loaded every kind of animal on earth onto the ark and there they all hung out, for 40 days and 40 nights.
Raudi: That’s a lot of animal poop to clean up.
Tyra: Some of the animals shit in the water.
H: Like the birds.
Tyra: You know what W.C. Fields said? He said that water is not safe to drink because fish fuck in it.
Raudi: Tyra, I Honestly don’t know where you come up with these things.
A: Hey everyone, I meant for this to be a conversation with Hrimfara.
H: Another time.
A: Yes, another time.

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