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April 6, 2020: The Woman who Runs with Horses

Having to keep my distance from people isn’t what’s getting me down. I’ve never enjoyed it when non-family members get too close, and definitely am not one for hugs. I will hug people, but this is because I have to, not because I want to. So I’m okay with the current dictates. Our eye doctor sent out an email to his clients and said that he estimates that the recommended social isolation will continue until June. That’s okay. But again, I’m okay with it. I have a lot to do on the home front. And I’ll get quite a bit of riding in when the snow melts and it gets warmer.

Josh trimming Tyra's feet

It’s the weather that’s getting me down. The temperatures, which rose for a few days, again dropped, ice everywhere is now the norm. I’ll be most happy when the buds appear on the trees and the snow melts.

Today, Josh, our farrier, came for his regular appointment. The horses were, as always, very accommodating. Right when he got here, I held out a hedge rake and said “You must stay this far back.” I then said, “look at the lettering on the rake.” He did, and laughed, it said Corona. Actually, a rake’s distance is the exact amount – I kept this in mind and so did Pete as Josh trimmed 16 hooves.

After, Pete and I attempted to go cross-country skiing. It was a bust. The trails are crusty-icy right now. I fell down on my right shoulder, the one that I hurt some time ago and has gradually gotten better and hurt it again. I then got up, removed my skis and went back home.

I came up the driveway, saw four expectant faces looking at me over the fence. All the horses were clearly saying that they’d like to get out. So I first went inside, put on my running shoes, and took them out, in groups of two.

I first took Tinni and Raudi out, and then Tyra and Hrimmi. We went around the loop. I put boots with screws on the bottom on Raudi and Tyra. And I put grippers on my running shoes. The loop roads weren’t as bad as they were yesterday; in fact, Sybarite, the upper road, has melted out some.

I alternated running and walking. I actually felt pretty good. Being with the horses (for me at least) is calming. I’ll bet that what’s happening is that when I’m with them, that my brain is releasing oxytocin. And I’ll bet what’s happening when I’m running with them is that my brain is releasing endorphins. Well, so be it. My interactions with them right now are keeping me sane, and this is what is most important.

I told Pete today that if the Covid-19 virus was truly zoonotic, and horses got it from humans and vice-versa, I would start to make contingency plans. I’d pack up Hrimmi with supplies and head off into the wilderness. I would hope this would occur when there is green grass, otherwise, yeah, I’d be screwed.

I’ll bet others are thinking similarly. Maybe we could all hit the trail together. I’d pack the whiskey.

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