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April 3, 2020: A Conversation with Ranger

Ranger: I know things are bad when both you and Pete come into the goat shed at the same time.
Alys: Go on.
R: And reach for the orange handled foot trimmers.
A: We hadn’t trimmed either you or Stormy’s hooves since last fall.
R: Yes, we were aware of this. And in fact, Stormy mentioned this to me last night.
A: And you subsequently had bad dreams?
R: Oh yes.
A: Hoof trimming isn’t something that Pete or I enjoy doing.
R: Therein lies the problem.
A: I think that we now have a pretty good system. I hold either you or Stormy by the collar and Pete does the trimming.
R: This is not something we goats enjoy either.
A: I do give you treats and scratch you where your hot spot is.
R: I appreciate this.
A: And Pete works very quickly.
R: The problem is that he holds my legs really tight and doesn’t give me any kind of break.
A: This is because the process would then take more time. These days, Pete has very little time.
R: What’s he doing with himself?

Ranger on ice
Ranger on ice

A: He’s now working at home.
R: So he should have more time to get things done.
A: It just hasn’t worked out this way.
R: I’m sorry to hear this.
A: But you did very well today. You hardly struggled at all.
R: I’m learning the more I struggle, the longer trimming will take.
A: That’s key. And I will impress upon Pete that you do best when you get breaks.
R: Thank you.
A: Anything else?
R: Look. More snow. Usually by this time it’s mostly gone.
A: Not this year. This has turned out to be a long winter. At least it’s now warmer.
R: Yes. It was so cold that the tips of ears got frost bit this year. See?
A: I’m not sure what to do about this. Maybe we could have a pair of goat earmuffs made for you next year.
R: But then I won’t be able to hear as easily.
A: You let me know what you decide – covered or uncovered ears.
R: I have some time to think about this, right?
A: At least another eight months.
R: Do you think we’ll have a spring this year?
A: I do.
R: What makes you think so?
A: The days are getting longer, and the average temperature is rising. Plus, the ponies are now shedding their winter coats.
R: Last summer, when I was at Chelsea’s place, I shed my coat.
A: I heard about this. Why was this?
R: Because it was so stinking hot. But I did grow it back before you got home.
A: So I heard.
R: Do you think it’s going to be hot again this summer?
A: I have no idea. If it gets into the 90s, I’ll set up some kind of sprinkler system.
R: This won’t increase your popularity around here. None of us, and I mean none of us, like anything but drinking water.
A: Your right. Any alternatives?
R: Fans in the barn and horse shelter.
A: Good idea. I’ll see what we might do.

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