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March 31, 2020: The Gift of Time

This morning Pete remarked (offhandedly) that “we now have the gift of time.” I think he meant everyone, not just him and me. I spent a better part of the day thinking about his statement, beginning as I was shoveling horse manure into five-gallon buckets destined for our friend Gene’s compost facility.

Yes, the good thing about this virus is that it has given us the gift of time. Most of us are no longer commuting; instead, we’re either at home, working, like Pete is, or we’re at home not working, as I am. Actually, I am working, I’m just not a part of the academic or corporate or medical work forces. Lucky me.

view from the barnView from the barn

I had this time before, then, when working on the Bright Lights Book Project, I lost time in going elsewhere to work. I now realize that, yes, it’s a gift. This gift, we either ignore it or take it for granted. I have been no exception to this truism. The question that I, and many others, who in realizing we have been given this gift, are now asking ourselves is, how might I now spend my time even more wisely? This is a question we should ask ourselves multiple times a day.

I am spending my time wisely by avoiding excessive use of the Internet. I refuse to text because, for me, this is merely a distraction that materializes when I’m doing more important things. And I’m refusing to get on Facebook because it’s a huge time eater. Those corporate entities who created it are also selling data about its users to other corporate entities. And, additionally, it’s a site in which hate, propaganda, and ill will are propagated.

I’m also spending my time wisely in that I don’t watch television, which is also an hour eater. Those who watch it seem to be the most fearful. I don’t want to be this way. I do glance at the NY Times headlines and look at an occasional article, just so that I know what’s going on.

I’m also spending my time wisely by spending time with Pete in and out of the house. And I’m spending time with the animals outside of the house. If it wasn’t for them, I would not be getting out as much as I am.

I’m also spending my time wisely by working on my writing projects. Forks is coming along – I’m three quarters of the way through with my final revision. It reads well – I have included fair dispatches, which are followed by interviews with those I mention in my first-person accounts.

I could spend my time even more wisely by resuming my former exercise regime and eating better. I suspect that I’m like most right now in that I am feeling low energy; my malaise is most likely due to the fact that right now the world and its inhabitants are in such dire straits.

I could spend my time even more wisely by writing letters to friends I haven’t communicated with in some time.

And I could spend my time more wisely by cleaning my fouled nest.

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