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March 26, 2020: A Conversation with Tyra

Tyra: Lately, it’s gotten really quiet around here. Why is this?
Alys: People aren’t moving around as much, by air or by car.
T: Why is this?
A: Because there’s a virus going around.
T:  What’s a virus?
A: This is hard to explain, but essentially it’s a foreign body that plays havoc with a person’s immune system.
T: Then what happens.
A: The person who gets the virus gets sick.
T: And dies?
A: Sometimes. Seems like older people are most susceptible.
T: Like you?
A: Like me. But I’m in relatively good shape. Been shoveling poop all winter.
T: And now you are hauling the hard-packed snow out of Tinni’s pen.

Alys and Tyra in the Wyoming Range

A: That’s right.
T: Do horses get viruses?
A: Oh yes. Indeed they do.
T: Do they get people viruses?
A: Oh yes. And vice versa. Interspecies viruses are what they call zoonotic.
T: Zoonotic. What a strange word. People don’t live in zoos.
A: I dare say, it would be a welcome change if they did.
T: Do horses get the virus you are speaking of?
A: Not that I know of.
T: So we are okay.
A: For now.
T: I heard you tell Pete that you are going to be at home more now that the virus is spreading.
A: Yes.
T: A good thing. We like having you around.
A: Do you?
T: Yes, you feed us, clean up after us, and we also get to go on adventures.
A: Do you like going on adventures?
T: Yes. Last summer was wonderful. I saw a lot of country, ate a lot of good grass, got in a lot of exercise.
A: I wish we were doing a trip this year.
T: So do I. How come we aren’t?
A: Ask Pete. I would be packed and ready to go in a heartbeat.
T: Are we ever going to do another adventure?
A: If all goes according to plan, yes, next year.
T: What are we doing this summer?
A: Lots of local riding. 
T: Will we go anyplace we have not been before?
A: Absolutely.
T: Will we do any camping trips?
A: I hope so.
T: Raudi and Hrimmi have been telling me about participating in the cee tee rrrr. Are we going to do this, this year?
A: Most likely not. I think that the virus might also be a setback. I also don’t want to expose you to any other horsey type viruses.
T: That’s very considerate of you. Are we going to keep doing agility?
A: Oh yes. We have to finish this month’s course.
T: I’m ready, and so are Raudi and Hrimmi.
A: What’s your favorite obstacle?
T: Hard to say. Right now I most enjoy going into the scary corridor and then turning and backing.
A: Why is this?
T: Because I’m good at it.
A: Do you enjoy challenges?
T: Yes, once they are no longer a challenge.
A: Learning is difficult, isn’t it?
T: Yes, learning is very difficult.

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