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March 21, 2020: Celebrating the Equinox: Taking books to the Emergency Homeless Shelter

This morning I woke up with one thought in my head; that I find a way of getting books to the Temporary emergency homeless shelters, located in Anchorage. The homeless are going to have space available in both the local hockey arena and Sullivan Sports Arena. This was confirmed when I read an article about this in the Alaska Daily News.

I waited until after breakfast to ask Pete if he was up for going to the recycling center so that we might pick up books I’d already boxed, and then to Anchorage. He wavered. I could not blame him. It was snowing here and snowing and raining on the roads into Anchorage and in Anchorage proper. I was also motivated by what Eleanor said, that it would be a good idea for us to get out. What better excuse than to be on an errand of mercy?

He reluctantly agreed when I pointed out that today would be the best day for this since they were getting the arenas ready for the homeless. We both realized that if we waited a few days that the staff there might not have time to give us an assist.

Pete unloading books at the shelter

So off we went. We got to the recycling center and loaded books into the truck. Pete also moved some tables and books around. Once again, the materials on hand were deemed to be too close to one of the balers. All told, we took 18 boxes of books with us. I put Bright Lights explanatory fliers in the outgoing boxes.

There wasn’t much traffic on the roads going into Anchorage; although the weather was nasty. We went right to where we were going, and as luck would have it, we were immediately introduced to the Bean Café Volunteer Coordinator who showed us where to put the books. The Bean Café routinely tends to those who are homeless.

Pete unloaded the books, and I stacked them carefully. The bottom of one box fell apart and I had just enough room for all the books in another box.

Mission accomplished – we left and headed to the Natural Pantry where we stocked up on a few more items.

Embarking on this endeavor was, for me, gratifying. I knew that it was something that I could do that would be of benefit to others. It just took a little bit of initiative to put what I was thinking into action.

We dropped the books off at the temporary couple’s shelter. I am now wondering how I might get books to the temporary woman and children’s shelter. I have the books ready to go. And I have this feeling that this is going to be as easy as it was today.

The recycling center staff also came up with a flier indicating that we’ll drop off books on doorsteps if people want them. I’m going to have to generate some publicity for this part of the project. This won’t be hard, it’s just going to take time.

It’s snowing again so I have an excuse for being inside.

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