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March 17, 2020: A Conversation with the Hoard and Tinni

The mares, Tinni, and I had this paddock-based conversation this afternoon. They are quite the crew.

Hrimmi: It’s snowing again.
Raudi: Where have you been? It’s been snowing all afternoon.
H: Right here, in the paddock.
Tinni: Raudi, you should talk nicely to Hrimmi.
R: Yeah, she’s not the brightest bulb in the bunch.
Tyra: But she has other attributes.
H: Yes, I have many attributes. Alys was just saying that the spot of white on my nose is quite beautiful.
R: A spot or marking is not an attribute.

The four horses last fall

Tinni: I don’t like the way this conversation is going.
R: Well then, go and eat your beet pulp.
H: How come the rest of us don’t get beet pulp?
Tyra: Because its calorie dense. Apparently, the rest of us don’t need to put on weight.
H: Tinni doesn’t need to put on weight either.
R: Alys, you should let me in with him so that I can help him out.
A: He doesn’t need any help.
H: Where does the snow come from?
R: The sky. Look up.
H: And why is it so cold?
R: Because it’s frozen water.
H: Now wait a minute smarty pants. The frozen water in our buckets is frozen water. It in no way resembles snow.
Tyra: The snow is also frozen water. It just takes a differing form.
Tinni: As do icicles.
Hrimmi: And the slippery ground under the road.
R: I’m glad you all are able to make distinctions. It shows you all are almost as smart as I am.
Tyra: Almost.
H: And I’m the smartest of us all.
Tinni: Yes, Hrimmi, you are the smartest of us all.
R: I beg to differ.
Tyra: We are all highly intelligent ponies.
A: Yes, and you each have your attributes.
Tinni: Here we go again.
H: It’s okay to go around in circles. This makes horses supple.
R: I’m wondering when we again are going to be ridden or taken out on the trail. Going around the loop is getting really boring.
Tinni: I’m okay with it.
Hrimmi: I’m okay with it.
Tyra: For once, I agree with Raudi. I’m ready to again do a long pack trip. I so enjoyed the last one.
A: We are not doing one this year. The year after we’ll be heading out again.
Raudi: So what are we going to do this summer?
A: I hear a lot of gardening and some cabin repairs.
Tyra: No!
A: That’s what I hear. But I am going to get a lot of riding in once the trails are again passable.
Tinni: And when do you think this will be?
A: I am going to defer to the expert, the one who gets the long-range weather reports from the birds.
Tyra: Ahem, that’s me. According to the magpies it’s going to be a month before the trails are cleared. According to the ravens, a month and half. According to the chickadees, two months. Take your pick.
R: I’m going with the ravens.
H: I’m going with the chickadees.
Tinni: I’m going with the magpies.
Tyra: Well, all bets are on.
A: Yes, all bets are on. Until then, please be more respectful of one another.
Tinni: Yes.
Tyra: Yes.
Hrimmi: Yes.
Raudi: Perhaps.

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