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March 16, 2020: The New World Order

I would be remiss if I didn’t write about what’s going on now, worldwide. As I said yesterday, there has always been reference to “the big one,” and it was always assumed that it would be floods, fires, plague, plaque, or petulance. (No misspelling on the latter.) Lots of petulant people running around, most of them politicos.

Now the big one is a virus that’s gone viral. In hopes of forestalling it, we are all to maintain our social distance and avoid social gatherings and make sure we keep our hands and faces clean. Those who got to the supermarkets first got all the toilet paper. The rest of us are just going to have to walk around with dirty butts.

Alys with giant squash

This viral virus – it may not be life-threatening to the majority of us. And to those who were going to die, they were going to die anyways. We just don’t know. Uncertainty is now a given.

Today Pete went to the food store and stocked up. He could not stock up to the degree he’d like because others had preceded him. But we were already well stocked, so we are now set for the next few weeks. Pete also went to a meeting at the college and they talked at length about online classes. Graduation has been cancelled. As of this evening, bars and restaurants are closed. The Kentucky Derby has been postponed.

I have this wonderful idea. If this goes on, and it might, the Alaska State Fair should go online. This could work. Like Pete said, Hobo Jim could play at the Sluice Box, just like he does every year, and we could watch him online. And we could skype the livestock judging. It could work. People just have to suspend disbelief.

Me, today was a day in which it was business as usual. I made a few calls and got places lined up for books. I also talked to a fellow at the Alaska Resource Education office and he gave me a lot of good information about getting books to villages

I also spent considerable time with the ponies. The sun was again shining brightly, so I hung out and brushed each one, individually. Then I did agility. They all did quite well. Then I took Tinni and Ryder for a walk, then Tyra and Hrimmi, and then Raudi and Tyra.

It’s at this time of year when one is able to determine if their livestock wintered over well. Ours did. The mares all got in some good gallops on their loop walks. This was good to see because it supported my theory that winter breaks are a good thing.

I didn’t see anyone. Only one car did pass us. This is not at all unusual.

I feel bad for those who live in condos and duplexes. Simple things, like touching doorknobs and stair railings and elevator buttons now have to be considered. Verified, this is no way to live.

So what’s going to become of all of us? I’m not worried. I may yet become worried. Then I will know for sure that we are dealing with the big one.

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