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March 14, 2020: The Woman Who Had Everything

I have often thought about writing a book with this title. It would be about me, and the wonderful life I have led. But then it would have to be entitled The Woman Who Has Everything because otherwise, the title would imply that I lost what I had. Hardship, this would be key, as in hear today and gone tomorrow. This is what of course, what some would read for.

I really am leading a good life. Like everyone else, I at times don’t see it this way. This is just human nature. I mean, who thinks (for instance) that they’re leading the good life at 11 p.m. when it’s -10˚ and they have to go out and feed, water, and clean up after four unappreciative ponies?

Alys and Ryder in Wyoming
Alys and Ryder in Wyoming

I sometimes wonder how I ended up where I am. As we age, we make crucial decisions about who we will live with, what we’ll do to make a living, and where we’ll reside.

The who we will live with – I got lucky. I suppose I could have ended up living with a deadbeat, misogynistic, druggie that was a non-reader. You just never know. Instead I ended up with the opposite. It was just fate because he did move in with me shortly after we met.

The how we will make a living – I again got lucky. I was able to go to school and study with good teachers. I have also been able to spend a lot of time writing and thinking about writing, and in the process, I have gotten quite good at it. And although the Bright Lights Book Project has not yet generated an income for me, it soon will. I have, in getting this going, had to draw upon my many differing areas of interest and expertise. So far, so good.

The where we will reside. Living in Alaska does have its drawbacks, the biggest being the fact that winters are so long. It’s also not a state that is conducive to having horses or trail riding, two things that I put a high value on. But the fact that the state has a smaller population per square mile than most is a huge plus.

It very well may be that the coronavirus will put such a hurting on tourism and the oil industry that many will leave. As it is, the Mat-Su Valley has been growing by leaps and bounds – a bad thing. But people leaving might be a good thing.

Some other pluses. I was born with good genetics. This, and a propensity for regular exercise has made (for me) good health a norm. I also eat well. This is not totally my doing – Pete cooks because he too likes to eat well.

It is really coincidental, but I own four horses, two goats, two chickens, and one dog, all of whom are non-aggressive and enjoy animal-human interaction.

I also have some wonderful friends, some lifelong.

And a very cool sister.

Yep, got a lot to be thankful for.

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