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March 13, 2020: A Conversation with Hrimmi and Raudi

The following conversation took place shortly after I got home from the recycling center. It’s now light out until 8:30 p.m., so I have enough time to walk horses. Pete and I walked Tinni and Tyra this morning, and I walked Raudi and Hrimmi tonight. I am glad that the horses wintered over so well.

Hrimmi: (To Raudi): Hey speedo, what’s your hurry?
Raudi: I think you need to speed up some.
H: You are booking. What’s your reason?
R: The sooner we finish this outing, the sooner we get back to what we left behind, the rest of the evening’s hay stash.
H: It’s not going anywhere.
R: But Tyra might throw the latch and eat what’s there.
H: Tyra doesn’t know how to throw the latch.
R: Oh yes she does.
H: Alys secured it.
R: Alys can’t be depended upon to do anything right.
A: I beg your pardon?
R: Uhh, food wise, I mean foodwise.
A: You are getting six flakes of hay a day. Six flakes; that’s more than big horses eat. And you eat at least one third of everyone else’s.

owl in goat shed
Northern Saw-Whet owl in goat shed

R: That’s because I’m a growing girl.
H: Haw haw. You have a hay belly.
R: That’s right. And I’m proud of it.
A: Pretty soon, Pete and I will resume riding long distances.
H: Does this mean we’ll get to go on another long trip?
A: Not this summer. Next summer.
R: What are we going to do this summer?
A: A lot of riding on local trails.
R: B-o-o-o-o-o-r-i-i-i-n-g-g-g
A: We’ll find different trails.
H: Like where?
A: I don’t know yet. The snow has to melt before we make plans.
H: What’s with all this snow? It’s so deep on the side of the roads that I can’t venture off.
A: It’s just Mother Nature throwing us a few curve balls.
R: Hahahahahah I get it.
H: Get what?
A: Hrimmi, what Raudi is trying to tell us is that the one in charge of all the weather changes has provided us with a tougher than usual winter.
H: But we have more daylight now.
R: And because we have more daylight . . .
H: We’re blowing our coats.
R: I prefer to call it shedding.
H: Not me. I’m blowing my coat. Watch.
A: Incredible. Tufts of hair are blowing in the wind.
R: Every year she does this.
A: And this year is no exception.
R: Hey, how come you haven’t been around as much lately?
A: Been working. Sorting books. But now that the weather’s better, I’ll be around more.
R: Plus there is that virus deal going on.
A: How do you know about this?
R and H (in unison): Tyra!!!
A: How does Tyra know this?
R: She converses with the crows.
H: And lately, she’s been conversing with the Saw-Whet owl that’s been hanging out in the hay shed.
A: And how does the owl know such things?
R: Owls are all knowing.
H: Like God.
A: Unreal. Horses sure are smart, aren’t they?
H and R (in unison): Yes we are!

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