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March 11, 2020: My Dental History

I got The Call yesterday at noon. It was Meridian Dental, saying that I had a cleaning appointment scheduled today, for 1:00 p.m. I was not at all pleased to hear this information. First of all, I knew (and I was right) that the weather would be conducive to doing things at home. And secondly, I presumed that I was going to be told that I needed to have a lot of dental work done.

All right. I do understand that no one’s dental history is of interest to anyone. I have seen eyes glaze over when I start to talk about my dental dilemmas. The only medical issue that might be as, or even more, boring is my bunion situation. So I do a very good job of keeping my mouth shut, in both instances.

I think that dental histories aren’t of interest to others for two reasons. First of all, they are generally more detailed than most people can handle. And secondly, they center around the inside of our mouths, a vast nether space in which few venture, and if so, very briefly.

If I was a really good writer, I could pull off talking about my appointment. I am at best a mediocre writer, so I doubt very much that I’ll be able to pull this one off. But, I will give it a go. Like cream, I will someday rise to the top.

Alys with the Pumkin Man
Alys with the Pumkin Man

Yesterday, hearing that I had an appointment, I was again filled with a familiar sense of dread, this akin to the feeling I experience days before travelling by airplane. There are no happy thoughts. There are only thoughts in which the worst prevails.

I first talked with the hygienist who could not find my x-rays, but finally hunted them down. She did a good job cleaning my teeth and then took an x-ray of the tooth that I thought might also be fractured. After she was done, Dr. Gurr strode into the room.

He was either tired of me or just plain tired. He did not seem like his usual self. Could be that like others in the health care profession, he is worried about the coronavirus. He’s a genuinely nice guy, with a kindly continence. This goes a long way in my book.

He determined that, no, the tooth that has been bothering me is not fractured. And he said that the other areas that he previously noted need watching, are okay for now. He then attempted to get some of the retainers back in place – a new set, and this didn’t go over very well. He then handed them to me. Now, as I understand it, I’m to get them in place.

And then, there is the matter of my for real fractured tooth. He did not say anything about pulling it because he most likely didn’t want to deal with my resistant attitude. I did get a price estimate, and all things considered, I am thinking that I will have it pulled this spring if the insurance company will pay a chunk of it.

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. The most interesting thing of all is that I am not as afraid as I was about having this tooth pulled. Dr. Gurr is a very good dentist, and I really got the feeling today that he will do a good job.

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