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March 8, 2020: The Writing Life: Done is almost Done

I have been so busy that I have not had the time to get If Wishes were Horses done. That’s the company line. No one is ever too busy to get done what they want to get done; other things just take precedence.

I think that my subconscious just needed time in order to solve the problem that I posed to it, which was, why did Raudi choose to be with me? The answer came fairly quickly to me this morning, as I alternated between writing rough drafts, that took the form of paragraphs, and typing them into the computer. I came to the conclusion that her purpose in choosing me was to be my spirit horse, and as such she was to accompany me on my first horse-related hero’s journey. She and I are still on this journey together. I am also on a journey in which I am being accompanied by Hrimmi and Tyra. And my journey with Tinni is also ongoing.

We, in talking about these journeys, are talking about being in the fourth dimension. There is nothing linear about any of them. These journeys all intersect at various points, and they connect in differing planes. Me, I have no depth perception, so I have to imagine this. Fortunately, I have a very good imagination.

Alys and Raudi
Alys and Raudi

I have learned a great deal in interacting with Raudi, and this has made my interactions with Hrimmi and Tyra much easier than they would be otherwise.

I have promised Raudi two things – I hope that fate will intervene and allow me to fulfill my end of the bargain. First, I have promised her a place with more pasturage than we have now. I keep hoping that our neighbor’s place comes up for sale and that we can somehow purchase it. Secondly, I have promised her that someday I will breed her, and she can then have a foal. This is what she wants.

Pasturage is going to have to come first. The foal will follow. I don’t know how any of this will come to be. But I will avail myself to this when the opportunity presents itself. In the meantime, her life is in somewhat of a holding pattern.

I didn’t write about what it was that I promised Raudi, although now I am thinking that I might go back and do this. Then maybe a benefactor will read my story and come forth with the land and provide me with access to a stallion.

The book, almost done. I need to go back through the table of contents and make sure my chapter titles are consistent with what’s in the T of C. I also need to get a hold of Nancy W.D. who did the artwork and see if she would be interested in providing color illustrations. The one’s that she drew me are in black and white.

Pete is going to give me a hand putting this document in flip book form. Together, we will learn something new.

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