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March 3, 2020: A Conversation with Ryder and Tinni

I took Ryder and Tinni for a walk around the loop early this evening. It was a good walk; the plow had been by and a few inches of snow covered the road. It was easy walking. I had not paid much attention to either the horse or dog since I got home a few days ago. It was good to get caught up on things.

Alys: Ryder, Tinni, I’m not feeling very well.
Tinni: What’s wrong?
A: I feel headachy.
R: You know, you really don’t have to take us for a walk. Pete will be home shortly.
A: Yes. I know this. But I want to spend time with you both.
R: What do you think is wrong?

Ryder likes to sit on the steps and look out the window
Ryder likes to sit on the steps and look out the window

A: I think that I have a sinus headache.
R: I had the same thing happen to me when I got kicked by Hrimmi. My head hurt for days.
A: Does it ever hurt now?
R: Once in a while I feel achy.
A: And what about you Tinni?
T: My head hurt when I had the under turned eyelid. It made for a long winter.
A: Is this seeming like a long winter to you two?
R: Yes. I’m ready for it to be spring.
T: So am I.
A: Me too. But it has been a beautiful winter.
T: This is easy for you to say. You spend your evenings in a nice warm house.
A: But we’ve been very conscientious and blanketed you when the temperatures have dropped below zero.
T: Yes you have. The heavy wool blanket keeps me warm.
R: Alys, you have been scaring me with your stories about the sled dogs and how they live outside.
A: But they do have thick coats. And some are blanketed.
R: And you have been telling me that they run hundreds of miles in preparation for longer races, like the Iditarod.
A: That’s true. This is what they were born and bred to do. You Ryder, have been bred to work sheep and then hang out by the wood stove.
R: I don’t work the sheep. But I do hang out by the woodstove.
T: I would like to spend an evening inside your house.
A: I’m not sure the porch would hold your weight.
T: I think we should give it a try.
A: Yes, we can do this sometime when Pete isn’t around.
T: What’s with him and animals in the house?
A: I think he doesn’t want the place to get all smelly.
T: I’m a very clean horse. I would poop outside.
R: I poop outside.
A: So do I.
R: You go into that building and poop.
A: It’s called an outhouse.
T: It smells really nasty in the summer, when it’s hot.
R: And there are flies buzzing around.
A: Can we talk about something else?
R: I appreciate your taking us for a walk, given you don’t feel well.
T: Same here.
A: Tomorrow will be a better day.
R: For sure.
T: For sure.

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