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March 1, 2020: Yeah, in Like a Lion: A Conversation with Raudi

This conversation took place in the early afternoon. Pete and I first took Tinni and Tyra for a walk around the loop, and then we took Raudi and Hrimmi for a walk around the loop, but in the opposite direction.

Raudi: How come you first took Tyra for a walk?
Alys: I didn’t give the matter much thought.
R: You should have given the matter more thought.
A: Why is that?
R: Because this affirms that I am your favorite horse.
A: Order affirms this?
R: Yes it does.

Raudi turns the wheel during agility
Raudi turns the wheel during agility

A: I think that it would have been more of a slight had I not taken you out at all.
R: Degree of slight, not withstanding, you are to take your favorite out first, no matter what.
A: And you are my favorite?
R: You tell me.
A: (Sigh) Yes Raudi, you are my favorite. You are spirit horse. My acquiring you has changed my life. Without you, I would be like a tuna salad sandwich with no mayonnaise.
R: Mayonnaise is pretty gross stuff.
A: How do you know this?
R: I’ve dipped my nose into more than one picnic dip in my day.
A: Did you miss me when I was away?
R: Yes. We all missed you.
A: But Pete took good care of you.
R: Yes, he did what had to be done. He fed us, he picked up our poop, he took us for walks. But he did not sing or dance.
A: I thought you detested my singing.
R: Yes. But it felt as though something was missing.
A: And that something was song and dance.
R: Actually, that something was the feeling that you often communicate to us all, which is that we are the center of your universe.
A: We are both pouring it on a little thick, aren’t we?
R: Not such a bad thing.
A: Are you getting soft in your old age?
R: I’m not old yet. Hey – I smell another horse on you.
A: Yes, when I was away, I rode another horse.
R: You didn’t!
A: I did.
R: Traitor.
A: I was at a centered riding clinic in Washington State. I rode an Arab mare named Joy.
R: An Arab? I don’t want to believe it.
A: Joy was aptly named. She was a real sweetheart.
R: And so you took off, left us here, and went and rode another horse.
A: But there was good reason for this.
R: And what was that good reason?
A: I was getting instruction, so that I might be a better rider.
R: Why didn’t you have the one teaching the clinic come here?
A: Because the weather was far better down where I was.
R: Don’t tell me. I don’t want to hear it. There was green grass and the horses were grazing on it.
A: Yep.
R: I have heard enough.
A: I missed you all so much.
R: So its back to the same old same old.
A: That’s right.
R: Just don’t do it again, eh?
A: I’m not going to make promises I can’t keep.
R: Me neither.
A: Pretty soon it will be spring here and the sun will be shining brightly.
R: And you’ll ride me.
A: Yes, I will ride you.
R: And feed me.
A: And feed you.
R: And take me for walks first.
A: Yes, and take you for walks first.

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