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January 6, 2020: Aaaay 0ooooooh

Get ‘er done used to be my rallying cry. Now it’s aaaaay oohhh. Just a verbal motivator, one that better prepares me mentally and physically for the tasks ahead. Much needed on days like today, when it was -15˚ F outside. There is always something to think positive about, and in this case it’s that the low lying sun has been shining brightly, and as well, that the light is coming back.

Light. It’s much needed. I remember my father’s wife Carol telling me shortly after he died that she’d had him channeled by a woman who makes paranormal contacts. She told Carol that my father and all of those around him said that this planet and its animal and human inhabitants were in

Alys organnizing upstairs books
Alys organnizing upstairs books

trouble, and furthermore, what might save all is a select group of individuals, who he called light workers.

I have always prided myself on standing firmly on the ground. What’s beneath me, I thought, is what counts. Furthermore, I always believed that there are just three dimensions. Consequently, it’s quite odd that I fully believed what Carol told me.

I then wondered what I might do as a light worker, which is someone who works to make the world a better place. My job as such came about in a serendipitous fashion. I’m now heading up the Bright Lights Book Project.

I attempted to divest myself of this endeavor after the holidays. I wisely went on a week-long sabbatical, one in which I didn’t give the project too much thought. Then I picked up where I previously left off. I had a few email exchanges with the VCRS Director, and together we figured a few things out. And today, I resumed work.

I went into the recycling center late this afternoon – Pete had a meeting and no staff were present. It was a good time to assess the situation and see what, if anything, needed to be done.

The upstairs area, where the book sale was, was in a state of disarray. The same was true of the downstairs sorting area. Rather than throw up my hands, I began work downstairs, sorting through mounds of books. Books from upstairs, which are those that had been cleaned and labeled, were mixed in with downstairs books – all were destined to be shredded. I did not, as I worked, cast aspersions on anyone’s character. Rather, I focused on sorting the books that would not be of interest to anyone from those that would be of interest to anyone.

I got a lot done in a short amount of time. The director remains cognizant of my efforts, and he’s working on getting a workspace cleared out for me and other light workers. I envision having a table there and a white board. Maybe we’ll even have bookshelves there.

This is my light work activity. Yesterday, my friend Sarah remarked that those youngers who have embraced social media are the lost generation. Well, my job as a light worker is to champion print media, which I what I am going to go. I can see a sea change occurring in our community. Yes, this is a very worthy and exciting project. Thanks Dad.

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