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February 21, 2020: More or Less

Pete told me via email that it’s still snowing back home. There’s a part of me that is a bit homesick, and wishing I was there to give him an assist. And there’s a part of me that is very glad to be here. It’s not all that warm. But it is sunny. And the grass is green. I have been told that there’s been a break in the weather here – it’s been rainy and quite muddy.

It was a long day. Honestly, I’d enjoy this clinic even more if I wasn’t being evaluated. I should have signed up to be a student rider. This way I would have gotten instruction and learned a few things while watching others. And it would have been cheaper.

I am enjoying being around the other riders and the strong sense of community that seems to exist here. I have had to

Second day of clinic
Second day of clinic

take off my Bright Lights hat and put on my Centered Riding hat. I just wish that there was a way to wear both. It is difficult because the focus here is on horses, not books.

I’ve been eyeballing the place across from the place I’m staying. There is, directly across from Kristi’s arena, another arena. It has a Quonset hut like appearance to it – it’s long and covered in places with tin scraps. In looking over at it, my imagination went into overdrive. I thought, I could easily more here, to Olympia, WA and strip down the facility. I could get some pocket cash for the aluminum – rebuild the arena and turn it into a real showcase.

Reality intervened. There are two drawbacks. The first is that there is a main thoroughfare close by, meaning that there’s noise and traffic. The second is that I’d have to trailer the horses to nearby trails. The third, and this is the big one – rumor has it that a 400 plus housing complex is going in down the road. I’d be happy here, but not for long.

I have fallen in love with a white miniature horse named Queen Elizabeth. As Susan said, “she has opinions.” I replied that she’d fit in at my place.

Today I partnered up with Tiffany, another Centered Riding instructor. We worked well together – yesterday she taught, today I taught, and we alternated assisting one another. It was nice yesterday, having a kindred spirit to work with. It just made me feel more relaxed and confident.

Tiffany lives in Northern Idaho, on a ranch where she rides, instructs, and trains horses. She invited us to come and visit – I’m hoping that we can stop by next year, when we do another trip.

I’m to teach again tomorrow. I’m not sure what I’m going to do. The student that Tiffany and I are working with is hard to read because she’s so noncommittal. I guess that what I’m to do will come to me, as most things do.

Here, electricity. Everything is much easier. Lights on, floor is warm underfoot. There’s a hot water maker in the kitchen. If I lived here, I’d even have a toaster.

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