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Wednesday February 19, 2020: Ride ‘em Cowboy

It was an extremely bumpy airplane ride, travelling from Anchorage to Seattle. The pilot said before we took off that we’d encounter “some bumps” on the climb, then added that it would be smooth ride to Seattle, which he described as “absolutely gorgeous.”

He lied. It was bumpy most of the way. The seatbelt light went on and off and on and off all the time. It was then about 3 a.m. Every so often I attempted to doze and then wham, the plane would hit a bump. I had not been signed up for a window seat. The nice lady sitting in it had given me her seat.

I knew this was going to happen. Earlier in the day I looked at the Anchorage Daily News and saw this storm that, in size and intensity, was the size of the entire state. I called it Hurricane Alaska. There was no way of avoiding it, and we did not. I guess the airlines count their losses, figuring that it is worth the risk of losing a plane every so often – as in here today, gone tomorrow.

At 7 a.m., first light, I looked out the window and saw a long, long line of red lights, moving very slowly along what looked like a main thoroughfare. It reminded me of the ants that last summer took the fast route across the trail, which is the garden hose. I thought, shit, these very same people most likely drive this route five days a week. This is no way to live.

Green grass and big trees

I got off that plane a very happy camper. Cheating death, as I do when I fly, makes me feel euphoric. This sense of euphoria did not last long. I was, in a few hours to meet up with friend and Centered Riding clinician Susan Harris. I took a seat in the waiting area and I realized that I’d forgotten my notebook with my contact information. Ohh ohh. I solved the problem by looking up Susan’s cell phone number on my cell phone and called her. She told me that she’d had a flight delay, and that instead of getting in at 2 p.m., she would be getting in at 6 p.m.

I realized that I then had a choice. I could either stay put for the next 11 hours or I could take a shuttle to my destination, Olympia. I went to check out the shuttle situation and discovered that it would cost me $60.00 for the one-way trip.

Understand, my airplane ticket cost me $88.00. Far better, I thought, to just hang in the airport. This is what I did. I spent the afternoon reading Fields and Pastures Anew: My First Year as a Country Veterinarian. It was an okay book. I can be focused when I want.

I met Susan, as planned, in the Delta terminal baggage area. We were soon met by Kristi who is hosting the four-day clinic. She’s the owner of Healing Heart Ranch. Had dinner at Taco Time. Not bad. They recycle their trash.

My day culminated here, in Kristi’s big house. I was supposed to stay in a tiny house down the road. This is a very nice place. Just wish I’d gotten here earlier.

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