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February 18, 2020: More Snow: A Conversation with Tinni

I trudged through yet another few inches of snow this morning, in order to tend to the horses. Tinni was standing, alert, looking out of his pen up at the Playground of Higher Learning. There, at the entrance, was a large female moose, obviously in very good health. I stood next to Tinni and we watched her browse. Our subsequent discussion follows:

Alys: That’s a very healthy moose.
Tinni: She’s in good shape. No danger of starving, that one.
A: Snow this late in the season is hard on moose.
T: Yes, there is less to eat.
A: And they get bogged down in the deep snow.

Moose in yard

T: Yep.
A: Do you think we are in any danger down here?
T: Nope. She’s been around for some time. And she knows that we know her no harm.
A: I guess the ones we have to worry about are those that are thin.
T: Yes, They’re hungry, so they’re more ornery.
A: I can hardly say as I blame them. I get that way when I miss a meal.
T: Speaking of . . .
A: Okay. I’m going to put some hay in the front area then go around to the far gate and let the mares out.
T: Good idea.
A: Yes, this way the mares will focus on eating their breakfast.
T: And I will focus on eating my breakfast.
A: I’ll have you know that we still have a lot of hay on hand.
T: Yes, we horses are all aware of this. Raudi makes sure that Tyra keeps a count.
A: Why doesn’t Raudi keep count?
T: Counting is not her forte.
A: Well then, what is her forte?
T: Making sure she always gets her share, no matter what.
A: Does she have any virtues?
T: Oh yes. She keeps Tyra in line.
A: And Hrimmi?
T: Hrimmi does not need to be kept in line. She always knows exactly what to do and where she should be.
A: So if the moose ambled over here, what would the mares do?
T: Raudi would make a beeline for the enclosure and the others would follow.
A: And who would shut the gate?
T: You would, of course.
A: Because that’s my job.
T: Exactly.
A: Looks like the moose has wandered off.
T: She headed uphill, she’s now by the upper cabin.
A: Will she come back?
T: Most likely not. She now knows there isn’t much brush for her to eat here.
A: So where is she going to go?
T: Up onto the upper road. It’s easier to walk up there, and the roadside browse is more accessible.
A: How do you know all this?
T: As I’ve gotten older, I’ve put less energy into moving around and more energy into observing what’s going on.
A: Are you enjoying our daily walks?
T: Yes I am. But of course, I am looking forward to spring, green grass, warmer weather and all.
A: Me too.
T: As always, we remain in agreement.

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