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February 5, 2020: We are the Champions

This morning Pete was walking around the kitchen, singing this Queen song refrain. I was once again blown away by his voice, his ability to articulate every note. Being tone deaf, I sort of know that my singing voice rings flat compared to his. I can whistle quite well and then catch the notes, which then seem to me to be like butterflies. Sometimes, especially around the holidays, Pete and I, together, whistle holiday tunes.

There was a bounce to Pete’s step and he looked good. He was wearing a beige wool sweater and a new pair of denim jeans. He was in a good mood considering it’s his

 Job Corps cake for new bailer celebration
Job Corps cake for new bailer celebration

toughest workday. He has an afternoon and an evening class.

It could be that his spirits are high because the days are now longer, and the temperatures have risen. It’s now 20˚ F out. For now, he does not have to deal with the most arduous chore around here, hand watering the livestock when their water buckets freeze up. I have to keep picking up the poop, but with Pete now being freed up on the water detail, he often gives me an assist.

In some ways, my taking on the book project has given me additional energy. I think this is because this is a positive endeavor with little time for negative thoughts. This then, has a positive effect on Pete.

The Song, “We Are the Champions.” I have often thought that Queen wrote this because they saw that there was a market for it – all those high school and college teams, victorious after winning a game, bursting into song. There is, sad to say, not a song to be sung by those who lose. This can be likened to there being a sad limerick. Now I have stood here for some time (I work at a standing desk) and attempted to come up with a song for the losing team. Nope, there are no such songs in my musical lexicon. Well, maybe the song Little Orphan Annie sings, “Tomorrow.”

That Pete was singing this refrain is actually a good sign because it means that he feels victorious. All things in his life are going well and he’s happy. He does pay close attention to what’s going on in the political world – man, things are pretty dang dire. For Rush Limbaugh to have gotten the presidential medal of honor means that the brown toilet sharks going down the toilet, rather they are sitting there, stagnating. Phew.

Me, I am not as much of a political animal as Pete because I tend to get angry in thinking about what’s going on. I am angry at those who are buying into the belief that God has a hand in deciding our fate – I mean, come on, does God really harbor anti-abortion sentiments? Does he sing “We are the Champions” every time a woman is thwarted in her attempts to get an abortion?

I could easily go on and on. Okay, today I will sing We are the Champions as I move books around because I’m doing my part to make the world a better place, by getting books into the hands of those who most benefit by reading them.

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