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December 28, 2020: Back in the Saddle Again

My Christmas gift from Pete came in the mail today. It’s a wall hanging that reads: “To Ride or Not to Ride: What a Stupid Question.” We are going to hang it in the kitchen addition, next to the wall hanging that reads: “Horsework before Housework.” The latter features a photo of a dopey looking horse with a big plate of dishes sitting in front of him. Both these signs are reflective of my sentiments. These days, I just want to be riding. As I told Pete, it used to be that I had to suppress my riding related fears before going out on the trail. I no longer feel this way, to a large part because I’m a far more competent rider than I used to be. In addition, my horses are now very trail savvy.

Books at Turkey Red

Some time ago, I came to the realization that each and every ride was a learning experience for me and the horses, thus making us all more confident. Today was a good example of this. Tinni, Raudi, and I were up at the intersection, preparing to cross the road, when our neighbor, John, flew past in his pickup. He was going up road, leaning out the window, yelling to his Blue Heeler Addy, who was following at top speed. Another neighbor was coming down road. He stopped, and waited first for John to drive pass, then for me and the horses to cross the road. The horses, they were unphased by the sight of the dog hauling ass uproad at top speed because they’d seen this sort of thing before.

Out on the trail, Raudi, Tinni, and I spotted a single moose out in an open wetland area. Raudi picked up the pace some, but she calmed down as soon as we got ahead of it. Then, on the return trip home, right before False Pass, two moose crossed our path. Raudi and Tinni held still. I knew from past experience that the moose would either hop on the well-defined trail and come in our direction. Or they would cross the trail and keep going. I yelled out “Hey moosey, moosey,” and they thankfully kept going. I dismounted and walked the horses past them, then remounted. The horses were seemingly energized by the sighting but not to a high degree.

Had I not taken Raudi and Tinni out, we would not have had what turned out to be a good training ride. To ride or not to ride, it IS now a stupid question.

Back in the saddle again. I spent a part of the afternoon at the Meeting House, categorizing books. Prior to this, I approached Alex, the owner of a local restaurant Turkey Red, who said that yes, she’d take some books and have them available for customers. I saw this as a good omen; I’m now thinking that other business owners will likely be equally as receptive when I ask if they will display free books.

I wonder if others, as I am, are thinking that 2020 is ending on an upbeat note.

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