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December 14, 2020: The Monastic Lifestyle

Yesterday, my sister Eleanor suggested that I join an online book club. The implication was that this would up my currently low level of socially related activities. I thought about this for a minute, I really did. Then I told her what I was thinking – no way. I explained that I took numerous literature classes as a graduate and undergraduate, and I hated them. I had to take them because they were required. I much preferred the writing workshops. Actually, I liked them when I had work that was being discussed.

I enjoyed doing the reading. I enjoyed having insights. I didn’t enjoy having to listen to my classmates engage in the

Santa and the agility course

rhetoric of display. Okay, well, the situation might be different now, what with their being no vested grade interest. But there is also the content issue. My reading tastes are radically different than those of most people. Neuroscience? Animal behavior? Cognition? I would hate to look at a computer screen and there see other’s eyes glazed over.

I may have implied this when talking with El, and this is that I am not needing any form of social outlet right now because I am enjoying doing what I’m doing. Some might say that I’m living a monastic lifestyle.

When I was working on my Pee ache Dee, some of my classmates got their knickers in a knot because (as was often said) they “didn’t have a life.” I never said anything because I so enjoyed doing what I was doing, which is reading and writing, seven days a week. In fact, I was dismayed, when finally, I had completed my degree requirements. And if given the opportunity, I would go on for another pee ache dee.

This opportunity will most likely never present itself again. If it does, I will hop on the bandwagon. In the meantime, I am living the dream, one that has components of the monastic lifestyle. Right now, I’m spending time with the animals during the daylight hours. Today I ponied Tinni off Raudi, rode Hrimmi, and took Tyra for a very long walk. I took the dogs with me when I rode Hrimmi.

It was so nice being out. It was windy and overcast, then cold and sunny, and finally just plain cold. I liked having time to think about the fact that I have a trail system and therefore don’t have to travel far in order to ride. The dogs and ponies did wonderfully. I’m working with Tyra on keeping her out of my space.

This evening I will write and read for a few hours. I’m simultaneously reading George Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London and Karen Pryor’s Don’t Shoot the Dog. I’m going to make a chart, and link these with like-books, just for fun. And when I’m done, I have hundreds of books that I want to read – now.

Yes, just like everyone else who is being socially responsible, I do at times get lonely. This feeling is preferable to its inverse, having to listen to people talk at me.

The next thing you know, I’m going to start to chant along with the Gregorians.

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