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December 13, 2020: The Dog and Pony Show for Real

Up until this point in time, the dog and pony show has just been an idea. There are the dogs, of course. And there are the ponies, of course. The word and presumably links the two. There has been some and; the and being Shadow riding Tinni and Hrimmi.

Today we went and, in a manner of speaking, took the show on the road by having our first video performance. I think that the viewing audience will be really awed. Full refunds if they are not.

I spent three days putting the December agility course together. It was really difficult. There was considerable labor involved. I had to break the barrels out of the ice in order to construct the grotto.

Hrimmi checking out the course

And I had to lift and carry the heavy poles that were on top of the barrels and embedded in the ice to the various obstacle sites. I also had to decorate the various obstacles. I must say, to my credit, I did pack the holiday decorations away neatly last year, so I had no trouble locating them this year. This included all the bottles in the bottle bank obstacle.

I took Hrimmi through the course yesterday. It was way cool, how easily she navigated it. So, I figured that I was ready today to take her through it and have Pete video our efforts.

I thought we’d get it down on the first try. It took several in part because the video mechanism on the camera cut out several times, of course during the best takes.

Hrimmi was great. She arose to the occasion, just doing better and better each time. Sometimes she starts to noodle around, and then I have to call it a day.

So, I did the video with commentary, which Pete thought was funny. Hrimmi, decorated, allowed me to pull a pipe in a circle, and turned nicely and backed out of the grotto. She rung the bells on the jump cross rail and backed through the curtain. We then stopped at Mincemeat Deli, and there I ate some almonds that I’d stashed in her saddle pad, and she ate some alfalfa cubes I’d brought along for the occasion.

Then the Dog and Pony Show became a reality. Pete had Shadow with him. I said “table” and she ran over to the agility table (secured on top of two sawhorses) and sat down. I said “Pony, up, up” and she hopped up on Hrimmi’s back. Hrimmi, who was eating alfalfa pellets, didn’t even look up. I then walked dog and pony in a circle, had Dog jump down, and return to Pete.

This is the sort of thing that could go viral. (I guess these days that’s not an apt phrase). Hrimmi next did the tarp and sack obstacles, then we called it good.

Now that I think of it, I should have had Shadow in the concluding frames. Oh well, there is next year.
All I can say is wow, it really is now a dog and pony show around here.

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