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December 8, 2020: A Conversation with Hrimfara about Learning to Paint

The following conversation took place at the kindling box, our artistic work area. Hrimmi marched right up there late this afternoon. We then had the following conversation/painting lesson.

Alys: Hrimmi, I really don’t have a clue as to how I am going to teach you to paint. Are you sure this is something you want to learn to do?
Hrimmi: Yes it is. It’s in my DNA.
A: Here we go again, the DNA thing. Are you sure you weren’t reincarnated?
H: Oh yes, I was reincarnated. My desire to paint was also the desire of my predecessors.
A: How do you know what a predecessor is?

Hrimmi drawing in the snow

H: Tyra told me.
A: Yesterday, when I was walking with her, we saw a coven, is that what it was, of Ravens.
H: And you were walking Tyra, right?
A: Yes.
H: The ravens were most likely communicating something to her.
A: It was like a thesis committee or something.
H: I don’t know what a thesis committee is.
A: Ask Tyra.
H: Okay. Let’s get down to business.
A: Can you pick up this yellow highlighter?
H: No.
A: Can you pick up this nail brush?
H: Absolutely not.
A: Well, what do I do now?
H: Go into the woodshed and grab a stick.
A: Will do.
H: Good. This is like a paintbrush. Let me see it. Hmm, hold it up and I will take it out of your hands.
A: There you go. Hold on.
H: This is difficult. Maybe I should take up croquet.
A: How about crochet?
H: You have to have thumbs to do that. I don’t have thumbs.
A: But you don’t need thumbs to paint.
H: True. Very true. Hand me that stick.
A: Okay. Now scrap the snow on top of this here kindling box.
H: Like this?
A: Yes!!!! Like that. Hrimmi, beautiful job.
H: Let me try it again.
A: Wow! Look at that line. You obviously are very talented.
H: It only took you eight years to figure this out.
A: Fortunately, you are in your prime.
H: Tyra is worried that you are going to exploit me.
A: No. I did think that maybe we could sell your paintings and earn enough to purchase a building for the Bright Lights books. But then I got to thinking about it – I simply want for you to have a hobby.
H: I also want to pull the cart. That’s my favorite thing of all.
A: And ski jour?
H: Yes, that too.
A: But painting. Are you up for learning more?
H: I am.
A: For now, I think we are just going to be using the stick and drawing lines in the snow. Come spring, we will get you an easel, canvas, paints, and a smock.
H: You’ve never painted before, right?
A: That’s right.
H: So, you are going to find out more about this beforehand.
A: Yes.
H: Good. I’ve had enough for today. Let’s go for a walk.
A: Yes, let’s.

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