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December 3, 2020: A Conversation with Hrimfara

The following conversation took place as I was ground driving Hrimmi around the neighborhood loop.

Alys: Slow down!
Hrimfara: No, you speed up.
A: We aren’t even to the road yet.
H: Okay. You get the gate. And let’s go.
A: What’s your hurry?
H: I just feel so good, I can’t wait up for you.
A: Okay. I have the lines and the crop in order. Let’s go!
H: Yes, let’s go!
A: Gosh, you seem like a different horse when you’re out in front.
H: I’m the same old me. I am just now doing what I like doing best.
A: Why is this?
H: Tyra says the desire to be a cart/ skijoring horse is in my DNA.

Line driving Hrimmi

A: Do you know what DNA is?
H: Deoxyribonucleic acid.
A: That’s what DNA stands for. Do you know what deoxyribonucleic acid is?
H: This has something to do with my genetic makeup.
A: And you know what your genetic makeup is?
H: No, not really.
A: Where did you learn what you do know?
H: From Tyra.
A: I really didn’t need to ask. How is this that Tyra knows this?
H: Tyra picks up on just about everything. She overheard one of your friends talking about DNA then asked one of her raven friends to find out more. This particular bird, he was a pet that for some time was owned by a former college biology professor. This man moved here from the east coast a few years back. He died and the raven was again on his own. He lives in our hood and is very good friends now with Tyra.
A: This sounds to me to be really farfetched.
H: But wait. The story gets even more interesting. This raven has since been teaching Tyra biological concepts.
A: And?
H: So Tyra now has an interest in evolutionary theory. The raven, he doesn’t know much about this, but he’s going to talk to his bird friends and see if one, somewhere, has expertise in this area.
A: That’s highly unlikely.
H: Yes, but these ravens, they are a large and very close knit group. Collectively, they know about a lot of things.
A: I suppose they do.
H: Me, I’m not that keen on studying the sciences. You know what I’m interested in?
A: What?
H: The arts.
A: And what in the art field are you interested in learning about?
H: I want to learn to paint.
A: Other horses have learned how to do this.
H: Yes, I am most interested in abstract art.
A: Is this in your DNA?
H: Absolutely. Just get me an easel, a canvas, some paint, and let me go at it.
A: You will become famous. We could then sell your paintings for a considerable sum.
H: I’m not all that interested in becoming famous or making big bucks. Rather, I would like to make my mark in the art world and then retire to obscurity.
A: A worthy goal.
H: Just let me have at the canvas and I will show you what I can do.
A: Will do.

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